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    Anomalous Materials
  3. Jason
    Movin' on up....
  4. Saint Cy of JFC
  5. MVP
    MVP Beantown
    got some info that during Orlando workout they let Oladipo play vs Exum and it was not a pretty picture. Oladipo simply destroyed Exum. That may have changed their minds about drafting him.
  6. CAKAR
    CAKAR Sexual Favors
    can you hear me bro ?
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  9. Enes CanTear You Apart
    Enes CanTear You Apart CitizenofCapua
    Mrb hocam, meşgulsunuz galiba bu aralar, forumda pek yoksunuz. Gerçi pek sarmıyor zaten forum bu günlerde. Neyse, az önce size bizim forumun yeni şifresini pm atmıştım ama, sizin inbox dolu diye hata sistem hata veriyor, haberiniz olsun istedim.
  10. SandyJazzFan31
    Deseret News Jazz beat writer Jody Genessy weigh in on the 2013-14 season, possible new head coaches, Gordon Hayward’s future and potential draft picks. Then it’s hygiene and hijinks as Rick, David and Allen discuss the Buffalo Bills cheeleader handbook, special requests to accomodate players at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the first – and best – concerts we’ve attended. Finally, the lyric sheet hits the fan as our Tweets of the Week tackle the fight song fracas at the University of Utah. It’s a Utah Mantastic edition of the Jockularity Show. Listen Here
  11. Harcher
    Harcher mellow
    Mellow - you asked me how many times i ran the Chad Ford Simulator.... I ran it between 50 and 100 times probably... whatever the number, it was enough to see how the Jazz would pick at each point based on understanding the preferences of other teams #1. all of the teams had Wiggins #1 except a couple. Additionally, Philly, ranks randle a little higher so that impacted some of the outcomes.
  12. Jeditiger
    Jeditiger Mr. McGibblets
    Sorry I missed your question last night. For future reference I use first row sports (google search) to view stuff like last night. Just don't click on anything.
  13. addictionary
    addictionary KatieMCR
    Happy birthday to you from a person you definitely don't know. ;)
  14. addictionary
    addictionary CitizenofCapua
    Olsun be abi bir bok yok zaten bu aralar bu forumda bence bişey kaçırmıyorsun. Arada kayda değer birşeyler bulursam dalıyorum ben de. Ben de yeni yılını kutlarım, inşallah hepimize gönlümüze göre gelişmeler getirir.
  15. CitizenofCapua
    CitizenofCapua addictionary
    Hocam maalesef bu ara foruma vakit ayıramadım ama "lurking" denen eylemi gerçekleştiriyorum sık sık. :) Daha aktif olmaya çalışacağım.. Bu arada mutlu yıllar diliyorum fırsattan istifade. :)
  16. addictionary
    addictionary CitizenofCapua
    Nerelerdesiniz, tank modu sarmadı mı? :)
  17. fishonjazz
    fishonjazz franklin
    have to admit he reminds me of alec burks a bit, but I bet he didn't have 7 assists and 4 steals.............. plus he has been in the league for 10 years (at least that is what the announcer in the highlight video said) and had a lot more opportunities/minutes.
  18. Enes CanTear You Apart
    Enes CanTear You Apart addictionary
    Abi, "addictionary has exceeded their stored private messages quota" diyor, mesajımı iletmiyor, bilgilerine arz ederim :)
  19. ♪alt13
    ♪alt13 DForceAUS

    Dumb Joke
  20. ♪alt13
    ♪alt13 DForceAUS
    Land down Under, huh.

    Demons or Kangaroos down under?