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  1. Maneesh
    Maneesh Eenie-Meenie
    I can’t do anything to you but you say it so rude. I can’t do this to President in USA it can be lethal.
  2. Maneesh
    Maneesh Eenie-Meenie
    I will like to know why can’t you liked me?
    1. Eenie-Meenie
      Because you are a member of the Taliban ... but on second thought if you could take Trump out, I might reconsider it.
      Sep 17, 2018 at 1:08 PM
  3. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie babe
    Hey, Babe, you know that was my father's nickname -- Babe, they named him after Babe Ruth. Anyway, since you know so many people, maybe you can help me promote my fantasy novel, or get me an agent. I severed relations with the prospective publisher who was going to publish this month. Check my blog for an idea of what it's about: So, do you live in the SLC area?
  4. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie ONE LOVE
    Change SI top 100 Thread to (100-31) -- Donovan is 34; we all thought he'd be higher.
  5. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie 8
    Good to know who my friends are.
  6. One Brow
    One Brow TroutBum
    I've been asked by the moderators to not respond to Eenie-Meenie anymore, so I'm not. I'd appreciate it if you stop trolling him about me and aintnuthin, please.
  7. Rubashov
    Rubashov tfivas
    What picks have you got in the upcoming rounds? i may be willing to deal.
  8. jumpin bean
    jumpin bean Knowledgeofmine
    Go **** your self.
  9. Eenie-Meenie
    Eenie-Meenie colton
    Colton, I just finished my ninth book. While I haven't had 200K books sold, I'm still working to advance my career:

    Oh, I didn't want to put this on board. But I feel I can trust you; this is also to let you know that I am not some crazy person like some people here try to paint me -- yeah, a little eccentric, I plead guilty. But my intentions are good.
    1. colton
      Pretty cool!
      Apr 30, 2018
  10. Bulletproof
    Readying to host a poker game
  11. Ostertag>Duncan
    Ostertag>Duncan TroutBum
  12. Joe Bagadonuts
    Joe Bagadonuts
    I don't know how you make long posts in here. The 140 character limit is driving me crazy.
    1. Joe Bagadonuts
      Joe Bagadonuts
      Are you and I related through the Tate line?
      Feb 14, 2018
  13. Joe Bagadonuts
    Joe Bagadonuts
    Maxine was my grandpa's oldest sister's daughter. We always called her Aunt Maxine. She had an endless supply of exotic trinkets for kids.
  14. Joe Bagadonuts
    Joe Bagadonuts
    I just learned that the first Mormon baptisms in the Philippines were done in Pete's pool, but he wasn't Mormon at the time.
  15. Joe Bagadonuts
    Joe Bagadonuts
    I always thought the Grimms fortune came from imports. Pete Grimm had a close relationship with Dwight Eisenhower.
  16. Joe Bagadonuts
    Joe Bagadonuts
    Your wikipedia link says The Stateline was owned by Bill Smith. I'm pretty sure he was the father of my friend from high school, Adam Smith.
  17. babe
    babe Joe Bagadonuts
    I never really knew them. Saw them at gatherings like reunions a couple of times, heard all kinds of stories....
    I should know a lot about the beginnings of the LDS in the Philippines. My BIL was a partner/Best Friend with Nestor Ledesma, one of the first LDS missionaries there, and a Filipino. I just never bothered to make it a point to be sociable....
  18. babe
  19. babe
    babe Joe Bagadonuts
    So with that, I think I should review the facts, revise my allegations, lol. I didn't know she was a Tate. I've got relatives..... lol
  20. babe
    1. Joe Bagadonuts
      Joe Bagadonuts
      Yep, that's my Aunt Maxine. Been to her house in Tooele many times. I never had the slightest idea that she owned casinos. I knew her husband, Pete, and her children, Pete and Linda. I haven't seen any of them since Maxine died.
      Feb 13, 2018