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    Joe Ingles: Quest for 50/40/90

    Isn't there a minimum amount of each that has to be made to really recognize a 50/40/90 season? Just had a look at his stats. He has 77 total points of which 63 came of 3 pointers. 21 3's made, 5 2-point fg's and 4 ft's
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    Eric Paschall is not who I thought he was

    This was a nice moment. Not quite 'abuse' but I like how Giannis' contact barely moves Paschall.
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    Whiteside Is Going to Be Good

    Whiteside is at 15pts/15rbs/3bl per 36 minutes. I’ll take it. Rudy is at 19pts and an outrageous 20rbs per 36 minutes by the way...
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    Game Thread Oct 22, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings

    People complained Whiteside’s screens are soft, but he levelled Davion Mitchell into the shadow realm in the 2nd quarter. Perhaps Rudy’s teaching him.
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    Jabari Parker

    At least we ended up with Paschall whom we should have gotten in that draft in the first place.
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    Report - Simmons Won't Report

    That wouldn’t actually be such a bad idea for either side. Nets have plenty of scoring and ball handlers and could do with some defense. The Sixers would get a guard that can score and create in the half court. That’s assuming that Kyrie will actually be able to play at all unvaccinated and that...
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    Jazz waive Brantley

    Not really happy about it because I like him, but understandable. He has a good set of skills. Unfortunately those skills seem to be at G-league level and not quite NBA level. No standout skill to keep him in the league.
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    Jazz sign UFA Derrick Alston from Boise St.

    That explains why I could have sworn there already was (or had been recently) a Rafer Alston in the league.
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    2021 Free Agency

    Nance to the Blazers and Lauri to the Cavs. That’s two names that have been mentioned here a lot gone.
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    Roster Balancing Guys

    I like Hart and think he could be a very solid player in the right environment. I don’t think the Lakers and Pels were/are great for that. To think we drafted him and traded him with Thomas Bryant (14&6 guy shooting 40+% from 3) for Tony Bradley...
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    Closing Lineup, Crazy Experimental Lineup

    It wouldn't surprise me if that line up would prove very effective.
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    Closing Lineup, Crazy Experimental Lineup

    As far as experimental goes I'm in for Butler, Conley, Mitchell, Paschall, Doke. Three creative guards in the back, full on bully ball at the front. Probably a monumental failure, but I'd like to see it nonetheless.
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    Las Vegas Summer League thread

    Looks like we’re gonna be running a full Baylor backcourt soon!