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    I noticed on the interwebs that the Chinese Basketball Association concluded their season. That means a useful piece might be available for the Jazz or other teams to pick up for the playoffs. Ekpe anyone?
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    What Became of Player Development?

    Remember in days of yore when folks would rave about the Jazz development of young players. How is that working now? It seems like we have zero prospects ready to bubble up and help the varsity. Emmanuel Mudiay anyone?
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    The Jazz clinched a playoff spot with the Blazers loss to the Griz today. Pop the bubbly boys and girls!!!!
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    Jazz Alums

    Yesterday two Jazz alums were in the news. JWF signed a rest of the season deal with a French team and NWG was Pro Exposure's player of the day as he had 21 points 8 assists and 4 steals leading to his team's win over CSKA Moscow. Bolomboy had 0 points and rebounds in the game.
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    Homey's Thinking

    I saw a blurb on the interwebs about Isaac Haas having a big game in China that got his team to the playoffs that got me thinking. In light of our team's plucky performance yesterday and the fact it looks like we will get no help from our rookies this year, what if the Jazz had traded our first...
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    Holy Dick Bavetta

    The NBA said there were two incorrect calls in the last two minutes of regulation in the Lakers game leading to a point swing of at least four points against the Jazz.
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    Joe Jesus

    Interesting https://hoopshype.com/2021/04/13/joe-johnson-nba-comeback-milwaukee-bucks/
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    Why is he out? Covid?
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    Summer League This Year?

    With the draft being July 29, will there be enough time to have summer leagues this year or will they be foregone for another year?
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    New UNLV Coach

    Is Kevin Kruger who played for the Utah Flash and I believe played for the Jazz in a couple of summer leagues. His dad Lon is a former NBA coach and currently the head coach at Oklahoma.
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    Who Should the Jazz Bring In?

    The Jazz have some shopping to do. They have at least one and perhaps two roster spots to fill. I'll start the bidding with Sir Dominic Pointer a swingman who for no other reason has a cool name and is a GLeague lifer. He was a late 2nd round pick in 2015 which means he was selected ahead of...
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    NWG for the Win

    Nigel Williams-Goss grateful for Jazz experience despite lack of playing opportunity | Eurohoops
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    Buk to the Stars

    Got sent down to play in the bubble.
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    Mock Draft

    Yahoo Sports had a mock draft and had the Jazz taking a 6'0" freshman guard from Auburn in the 1st round. I thought the Grizzlies had that pick.
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    Stars Roster and News

    Stars Announce 2021 Roster - Salt Lake City Stars (nba.com)
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    Waiver News

    Thon Maker and Yogi Ferrell were waived to create roster space by the Cavs and former high first round pick Alex Len was waived by the Raptors today. Len used to give our centers fits. Sounds like Yogi is coming back to the Stars.
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    Kevin Porter Jr.

    Maybe we can take him off the Cavs hands. Perhaps they can give us back the 2nd round pick we had to give them when we dumped Tucker.
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    Kyle Korver

    Is currently walking the streets as a free agent. We could do a lot worse than bring him in. He played decently for the Bucks last season.
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    GLeague Draft

    This should have been Homey's Christmas Day but it was a big dud. The Stars picked no one. One player was selected in the entire third round by all teams. I guess enough NBA vets like Yogi Farrell and Jeremy Lin have signed Exhibit 10s that there is no need for this staple. For what it's...
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    Tony Bradley

    Had a double double 11 points and 15 boards (led both teams in rebounds) and was +10 in the box when every other Sixer was way -. How much did it cost us to dump this guy again?