1. Archie Moses

    Joe's Friend

    I felt that. :(
  2. Archie Moses

    Dark Mode is awesome

    I'm not sure if this was an option before the update, but since the update, the website looks way to bright and white and was hard to read. I'm not a fan of Tapatalk so don't use that. I just discovered how to enable dark mode and it's very, very nice. For those of you who want to try it out...
  3. Archie Moses


    I get keeping up and being relevant. Love me some DM. The Malone logo is more Jazz than anything other than Stockton.
  4. Archie Moses

    Jordan Love

    I've never seen a Utah project get so much hype. Seriously, the last month or so, the dude's pic or is mentioned every day on ESPN. I'm rooting for him. Kinda sucks the Packers picked him though.
  5. Archie Moses


    We just had what felt like a good sized one here in Utah.
  6. Archie Moses

    Jazz Fanz logo

    Respect your elders. Change it back.
  7. Archie Moses

    The Resurrection of Joe

    At first there was turmoil and then there were doubters. The crowd grew angry and the fans became pouters. He used to perform miracles in front of our eyes. Then he disappeared this season and we started asking why. Some say he left us for basketball prison. And some say he died, but now he is...
  8. Archie Moses

    Marky Mark

    Mark Eaton has been nominated, for the first time, for the HOF. Imo, he's a player who's due more burn and has a movie--esque story. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28335551/kobe-bryant-tim-duncan-kevin-garnett-headline-hall-fame-nominations Miss me some Hot Rod. Love listening to him...
  9. Archie Moses

    2019-2020 NCAA mens basketball thread

    Didn't see a thread so I decided to make one. Mark the Mad Dog Madsen and UVU will play Kentucky tonight at 5 PM on ESPN 2 (I believe.) I feel sorry for those kids. I've been wanting them to win their tournament championship game to get into the dance the last few years but they never have an...
  10. Archie Moses

    Lester Quinones's ode to John Stockton

    Let me tell you of a fashionable ball player named Lester Who looks up to the style of a player who played a lil wester. Both these players rarely laid an egg That said, they both like to show a lil leg. With the technicalities of basketball and all sorts of sorts These two dudes certainly...
  11. Archie Moses

    What's Good in the World Today Thread

    This thread is simple. Post stories that show there's good in the world and make your heart warm and fuzzy. I think there's way too much focus on what's wrong with the world on Jazzfanz and although it's important to be concious of serious things, we sometimes hyper focus on that trash. I'll...
  12. Archie Moses

    Joe Rogan's Podcast

    Joe Rogan may not be for you. You may make fun of Joe Rogan and act like he's intellectually inferior than you @Harambe, but I got to tell you, I love his guests and podcast. This week I've listened to NDT, Dan Aykroyd and this dude. @Harambe what are you doing to change the world, bro?
  13. Archie Moses

    Iranian female fan sets herself on fire

    https://www.espn.com/soccer/iran/story/3939328/iranian-fan-dies-set-herself-on-fire-outside-court To me, with all the complaining going on about how bad we have it and how messed up our country is with the current clown as president, this gives, at least for me, some perspective. The world can...
  14. Archie Moses

    Microdiscectomy Surgery

    I'm having microdiscectomy on my lower back (L5 - S1) on Thursday. I've had constant lower back, hip, glute, and leg pain for four years. I got a steroid epidural about 3 months ago and it worked great for 6 weeks. Has anyone had this done? Thoughts or expectations?
  15. Archie Moses

    Ode to Tom Nissalke - RIP

    Didn't see a thread, but if there is, merge. Always loved listening to him because of how passionate his takes were. The guy loved basketball. Loved hearing him on the radio. Always wondered how hard I'd laugh if Hubie Brown and Nissalke did a game together. Dude won COY in the NBA and ABA...
  16. Archie Moses

    Las Vegas Summer League

    Utah's own, Frank Jackson, is stealing Zion's thunder. That said, that steal and dunk were a thing of beauty. Jackson will be a solid starter in the NBA for years to come or no? (I'm a Utah homer.)
  17. Archie Moses

    Santa Anita

    Should have made this months ago. 30 horses have died there in 2019. **** horse racing. **** Santa Anita
  18. Archie Moses

    An Alleged 1953 UFO Crash and Burial Near Garrison, Utah

    This is something I recently stumbled upon and was surprised I didn't know about it. I was doing research last night on Spanish gold in the Wah Wah and House Mountain Ranges and then went down this rabbit hole. I could listen to LMH on YouTube for hours. She's done some incredible research...
  19. Archie Moses

    Jordan Hicks MLB

    I casually follow baseball (mainly because I'm a sports fan and watch and read ESPN) but I don't really go out of my way to watch it. Before today, I never knew who Jordan Hicks was and I'm boggled how I've missed him. Maybe he doesn't get the exposure yet? He's a youngin' (22) and his arm...
  20. Archie Moses

    Calling PKM(Dr Jones) and Troutbum

    https://www.ksl.com/article/46535893/ancient-mystery-or-a-hoax-archaeologists-investigate-rare-find-at-lake-powell I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. @Dr. Jones and @TroutBum.