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    Been awhile. When did the site get so many ads? Go Jazz.
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    Donovan Mitchell's Dad?

    Anyone know the story behind him? The only tidbit is Boler talking with Locke about Mitchell's dad currently trying to repair the relationship. Whatever it is I feel like it's probably why Donovan is so protective of his mom and sister. Probably also adds why he is so mature/wise for his age.
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    Start Neto on Wednesday?

    It puts the Jazz offense back in it's normal flow if Neto starts in Rubio's spot. Mitchell can go back to playing off the ball and Neto is good at getting the offense flowing and starting a fast break. But could Neto compete on defense?
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    Should the Jazz rest starters tonight against GSW?

    Locke says NBA confirmed that Jazz can lose tonight and still get 3 seed. ANY scenario where the Jazz win on Wednesday they are the 3 seed. So since it's a B2B should they go all in and rest starters tonight?
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    Favors or Randle?

    Potential salaries aside.....Who would you rather have next season?
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    Another city that is totally flooded due to a record breaking storm.... But climate change isn't real right?
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    Cavs could void IT/Kyrie trade!!

    Woj just tweeted it. Sounds like IT's physical didn't go well. This could get awkward....
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    Celtics @ Jazz; Wednesday, March 28th

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    Closest thing to proving ghosts are real?

    My wife and I just watched this episode of Catfish on MTV (go ahead and laugh) from a recommendation of a friend. This has to be one of the craziest things I have ever seen. I believe in an afterlife but the subject matter of this episode I wouldn't say I'm a believer in. If this is all acting...
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    Who will lead in PPG this season?

    My guess is Hood. **MODS CAN YOU ADD GOBERT TO THE POLL?**
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    Shabazz Muhammad

    10 ppg, 3 rebs. Probably the last decent SF free agent left. Can't see the Wolves bringing him back with them getting Crawford. Thoughts?
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    What if Utah has a better record than Boston next year?!

    Assuming the Crowder trade goes down... So it's not likely (Even though Kevin Pelton wrote about the Celtics marginal improvement with Haywood) But for fun... can we imagine the fun of it actually happening?! 1. Boston media would be calling for Ainge/Haywood's head 2. Bill Simmons would...
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    Derrick Favors tweets: "Never Forget"

    This dude is the king of Twitter when it comes to mystifying tweets. WTF he talkin about?
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    Why it sucks to be Boston.

    In the past 12 months the Celtics have decided to give Max contracts to two guys: 1. Al Horford 2. Gordon Haywood Now we are pissed he left but next to Gobert the future looked bright. With Horford...not so much.. He is 31 and slow. Now the Celtics do have lottery picks but they are 3-5...
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    Jae Crowder

    Sometimes you gotta deal with the devil and they need money for Haywood. The Jazz should try and get him. When I watch Celtics game he always stands out to me. Plus he hated knowing the Celtics fans wanted Haywood. He would definitely come in with a chip on his shoulder.
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    Jazz only hope is to go full blown Euro

    If you can't keep a white kid from leaving Utah then we have no hope... UNLESS!!!..... we go full blown Euro/Foreign. Rubio/Gobert/Diaw/Exum/Neto/Ingles These type of players typically like SLC and are not looking for the limelight other players crave. Jazz are already on this...
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    George Hill finalizing 1 year deal w/Lakers

    Poor *******.
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    Carmelo Anthony removes no trade clause to Cavs

    Could the Jazz step in and help facilitate the trade?! Here is my proposal: http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=uyb8vxf Cavs get Carmelo NY gets Exum, Diaw, Burks Jazz get Love New Jazz lineup: Rubio/Neto Hood/Johnson/Mitchell Hayward/Ingles Love/Favors Gobert/Bradley That team...
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    Name the 5 people you want at the "Pitch" on Monday.

    Aside from Dennis and Quin. Here is my list: Rudy Gobert Joe Ingles John Stockton Jerry Sloan Gail Miller
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    Greg Monroe?

    He is on the trading block. Jazz really liked him in the 2010 draft. He's durable, decent rebounder, and probably one of the best passing big men in the game. Not a great defender but probably better than a hobbling Favors at this point. Only 27 years old. Maybe flip Favors for him?