1. honz

    Attn: Archie - Phone Broke

    Soooo my phone is dead...I dropped it in the sink while washing dishes at work and I won't be home til later. Will you record the end of the football game for me?
  2. honz

    I really don't miss Deron that much...

    I am pretty shocked by this, honestly, but it is the truth. I haven't thought to myself while watching any Jazz games since the trade, "I really wish we had Deron right now". Maybe because it has been fun to watch Jefferson become our go to guy down the stretch of games and see how he handles...
  3. honz

    My Dream Team

    I said before the draft that I would select Derrick Favors with the #1 pick and that the best available basketball player at #9 would be Gordon Hayward. We now have both players on our team and they will likely be key players for the Jazz for many years to come. I guess we will get to see how...
  4. honz

    Jazzfanz Pickup Game Round 2

    So, I recently started playing ball again and I want to try and set up another Jazzfanz pickup game to help get our fat asses in shape and to take out our frustration over the Jazz season on each other. I have no date, time, or place set, but just wanted to see what sort of interest there would...
  5. honz

    Great perspective from David Aldridge

  6. honz

    Who the **** booed Korver and why?

    So, Ronnie Brewer got all cheers when he checked into the game, yet there were audible boos when Korver checked in...to go along with quite a bit of cheering, I should add. Why would anyone boo him? He wanted to stay here, but got no offer. He played his heart out for us. He did countless...
  7. honz

    Anyone down for this experiment?

    I won't quote the whole article because it is way too long, but go give it a read and tell me what you think. I found it very interesting. Also, I am 6 days in myself and nearly made a boo boo by logging on to Maxim.com, which is considered pornography in most studies like this. Anyone else...
  8. honz

    The Black Llama

  9. honz

    RIP atdhe.net and firstrow.net

    It is a sad day in the world of sports.
  10. honz


  11. honz

    I entered my name into Google's image search...

    ...and this is what came up. Somebody else try.
  12. honz

    I had a dream last night...

    ...that the 76ers' arena collapsed during our game last night and killed thousands of people. Most of the details are fuzzy for me this morning, but I vividly remember Fesenko getting crushed by one of those giant speakers that hangs under the jumbotron. I think the meaning of this dream is...
  13. honz

    The Shot - 1 Year Anniversary

    One year ago today, we all were witnesses to a reminder of why we are all still Jazz fanz and sports fanz even after all these years of mediocrity and heartbreak. I still love watching this video and get goosebumps almost every time I watch it. Let us never forget that there will always be...
  14. honz

    Hot Video of Mavs Dancers Blooper

    I'm surprised the team let this video be posted on Youtube. I doubt it is up for long though... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0oudIu8G0&feature=player_embedded#!
  15. honz

    Know Hoffa, Know Pain!

  16. honz

    Is it time to think about a starting lineup change?

    Poll to follow.
  17. honz

    I prefer this guy to the homeless "pregnant" lady outside of ESA...

  18. honz

    So what was your favorite porno posted on Jazzfanz today?

    Mine was the one with the picture of the massive ******* in the still shot preview of the embedded video. What was yours? Please discuss.
  19. honz

    Price Sucks!

    If I see him go for a steal and foul the guy or allow an easy bucket one more time I may just freak out. Save me by benching his *** Jerry. We want Hayward!
  20. honz

    How good is Lebron James?

    Cleveland is 8-21 this year...that's 27% of their games. That same team won 61 games last year...or 74% of their games. Pretty amazing.