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    We Must Be Better Than This

    <a href="" Mods feel free to move this, but I'd like for everyone to see it. This is a story that many around the nation will see. This is how they will view our state and our team. To me, this is unacceptable. And I would guess many of our players and forum members feel the same. We must be...
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    The Political Compass

    https://www.politicalcompass.org/test Where do you see yourself before taking the quiz? What were the results?
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    Biden's Tax Plan

    I've had a couple of discussions with my friends and family where many people believe that if Biden is elected, their taxes will rise. I am under the assumption that if you make less than 400K per year, not much will change (with exceptions, of course). This is the info I'm using...
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    Bernie Bros... Where ya voting?

    I'm curious where Bernie supporters on this site stand right now.
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    2020 Presidential Debates

    I think the debates are worthy of a thread. Thoughts?...
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    3D Printing

    I've suddenly run into more free time for some crazy reason and need a new hobby. I've always wanted to own a 3D printer and after looking into it they aren't as expensive as I thought. Does anybody here own one? What are your thoughts? Any recommendations?
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    Jazz vs Pacers

    Game starts in a few minutes.
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    Jazz/Rockets Will Be the 4th/5th Seed Matchup Again

    Does anybody else feel this is inevitable?
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    Quotes From Jazzfanz

    ^^ There was a woman ref. Really classy @nateboz .
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    Quotes From Jazzfanz

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    Game Thread - Jazz @ Kings - 8:00 PM MST

    When: Friday, November 1, 2019 8:00 PM MST Where: Golden 1 Center TV: ATT Sports Net https://www.slcdunk.com/2019/11/1/20943809/nba-utah-jazz-sacramento-kings-mountain-mike-conley-donovan-mitchell Warning: A couple bad words in this video
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    Let's Talk About Rudy

    It's early in the season and we are all excited about the new guys and rightfully so, but Rudy's impact on the game needs to be discussed. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, it looks like Rudy is getting better. According to Locke last night against the Clippers, we forced them to take...
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    Mountain Mike

    He has arrived...
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    Utah Jazz @ Phoenix Suns - Monday 8:00 PM MST

    This is surprisingly a big game, the Suns have looked good so far this season and just beat the Clippers. We don't want to see this at the end of the game... Mitchell and Booker are both scoring over 23 PPG, but Booker is adding 8.3 APG. I'm looking forward to DM showing the world who is the...
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    Harden Smacking Himself In the Face

    This deserves a thread.
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    We Play the Lakers Tomorrow Night - Not the Game Thread

    I'm just once again loving the fact that on nights where we don't have a game it often means we have a game tomorrow. Any early thoughts before someone creates a true game thread?
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    Eastern Conference Prediction

    Ripping off @silesian 's thread, but just for ***** and giggles. How do u see the *15* Eastern conference teams shaking out this season?
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    Exum or Mudiay

    This thread would emerge eventually so why not now?
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    NBA Almanac

    This is a very detailed and well done almanac done every year by u/nxxkx on Reddit. ----https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XWVjuAStd5nFRVcEiaMVCxT5ZpRcVg97/view-----
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    How excited are you for this season?

    On a a scale from 1-10 how excited are you?