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  1. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Las Vegas Summer League thread

    Games all day, all week. Quick impressions: -- Jalen Green and James Bouknight showed flashes of high-level scoring. -- Scottie Barnes is showing why he was taken #4. -- Trey Murphy looks good and would have been perfect for the Jazz.
  2. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Who should the Jazz draft at #30?

    Lets do a poll to see who Jazzfanz like for the Jazz's 1st-round pick. You can make up to three (3) selections, and you can also change your selection(s) if you change your mind. If there's someone you like who isn't listed in the poll, add his name in the comments.
  3. Ferguson_Mellochill

    2021 NBA Draft Preview (new thread)

    Jazz draft at #30 and traded away their 2RP from Golden State for Matt Thomas (a questionable move, imo). The NBA Draft is July 29th. NBA Combine Measurements just posted -- https://www.nba.com/stats/draft/combine-anthro/ Guards who may be available in the Jazz's range: Tre Mann (unlikely)...
  4. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Jazz's Remaining Schedule is the Easiest in the League

    Jazz have 29 games remaining. - 17 are home games vs. 12 road games (Jazz are currently 17-2 at home) - 19 are against teams currently in the lottery - Ranked 30th SOS by Tankathon Matchups include: Rockets (2), T'wolves (2), Thunder (2), Kings (3), Cavs, Magic, Bulls, Wizards, Warriors...
  5. Ferguson_Mellochill

    NBA Releases Remaining Schedule

    The Jazz's remaining schedule has been released.... Six more B2Bs Three games against Memphis w/in a single week Mini-series (consecutive games) against Memphis, San Antonio, Lakers and Minnesota Toughest games: @Philadelphia, @Boston, @Toronto (B2B w/ travel), @Lakers (twice), @Phoenix...
  6. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Tre Scott signed to a camp deal

    KSL is reporting that the Jazz have signed former Cincinnati forward Tre Scott to a training camp deal. He's actually an interesting-looking player. He's a 6'8" / 225 lbs forward who graduated last spring. He fits the general spec of the type of player the Jazz need.
  7. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Expectations for the Jazz this season

    Looking at the way the Jazz played their first pre-season game, it looks to me like the Jazz have designed their offense to be similar to the Houston Rockets two seasons ago. Mitchell will have the ball in his hands a lot above the 3pt line, much like James Harden has in Houston. Mitchell's...
  8. Ferguson_Mellochill

    The Jazz need to add a dynamic wing...

    It's the age-old challenge: an elite guard cannot carry a team's offense on his own, even if he's Dame, Kyrie, Derrick Rose, James Harden, or Allen Iverson. There has to be a triple-threat player on the wing to complement Donovan. I love me some Royce and Joe, but those guys are 3D and glue...
  9. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Jazz Scrimmage Schedule in Orlando, July 22 - 28

    Jazz have three "pre-season" scrimmages against the Suns, Heat and Nets.
  10. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Because Highlights...

    A thread full of highlights to remind us that we have a team around here somewhere. Donovan Rudy Bojan Jordan Mike
  11. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Oh hey, the Jazz are playing in Cleveland rn...

    Ya, game thread...
  12. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Jazz v. Suns -- tipping now...

    Quick game thread. After back-to-back losses, this is must win. We're in a fight now, and just have to win games like this one.
  13. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Rudy Gobert's last 5 games

    In his last 5 games, Rudy put up: 20.6 points 14.8 rebounds 2.4 assists 3.0 blocks 1.0 steals Seems like he's making his All Star push.
  14. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Good article in The Ringer - With Mike Conley Out, Donovan Mitchell Is Pointing the Jazz in the Righ

    https://www.theringer.com/nba/2020/1/3/21047090/donovan-mitchell-utah-jazz-mike-conley-injury The Jazz have found a groove without Mike Conley. After a disappointing start to the season with their new floor general, they are 9-3 since Conley tweaked his hamstring on December 2. An easier...
  15. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Justin Wright-Foreman can play

    Yes, this is G-league, but he's averaging 21/3/3 on 52% shooting and 56% from 3-pt. There's enough of a sample here, and his percentages could drop 10% - 15% and still be viable. I think he could earn backup minutes at PG this year. Regarding Mudiay, he doesn't shoot 3s, he doesn't commit to...
  16. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Jazz are soft.

    Conley is small at the 1. Royce, Joe and Bojan are all really 3s. Royce and Ingles are a bit small at the 4 some nights. Ed Davis is wiry and active, but not really a rim defender. At least Bradley is a space eater. Jeff Green is not a committed defender, despite his size and athleticism. Mudiay...
  17. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Jazz @ Indiana Pace Cars

    Time: 5pm MT TV: AT&T Sportsnet Rudy's playin. The Bucks blew these guys out in Indiana. Jazz need to keep up with the Jonses and get a win.
  18. Ferguson_Mellochill

    Jazz v. T'wolves

    Game is in less than an hour. I'm in the arena and wanted to post a bit. This smells like a win. Donny boy has neon yellow shoes. I think Wiggins is still out.
  19. Ferguson_Mellochill

    The Bojan Bogdanovic Thread.

    Start with this... And this...