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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

I know https://www.nbadraft.net/nba-mock-drafts/?year-mock=2024 doesn't have the best reputation around here, but it just updated today. #10 Tidjane Salaun, (with Carter, Ware, Clingan, Walter, and Topic available). #29 Trey Alexander and #32 Zach Edey (cannot see him falling this far). Some of the picks seem pretty bizarre to me, but it is a fun read.

1 Risacher
2 Sarr
3 Sheppard
4 Williams
5 Buzelis
6 Castle
7 Knecht
8 Dillingham
9 Holland
10 Salaun
11 CArter
12 Ware
13 Clingan
14 Walter
15 Shannon
16 Topic
The athletic testing looks weird for the Eurocamp. Salaun measured really badly in a number of the events.

Granted these guys had no time to prep. The domestic guys have two months to train for the specific events. The international guys just quit playing a week ago. Probably very fatigued

He gives me Tech play hard style/swiss army knife vibe. Has size, bounce, passer, defense, shooter. Only 20 and probably can be picked up undrafted. Wingspan seems average but he meets the Hardy demand of being highly skilled with hands. Repurpose him, instead of a small forward and move him to the 2 guard spot and I think you have a long-term player. I think he could play well with Key. Totally overlooked.

View: https://youtu.be/Rt1Fm_IAUMY?si=6LcBPHpTpkAnKrYE
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Ok, I have a new fave overlooked, low cost player. Yongxi, and Chomche. Man, out of all the drafts, this is the draft to trade down to the back end of the draft.

Bring Lofton, Kessler, Sensa off the bench (go team Ozempic). Yongxi is known to be a defender. Taylor and Chomche would be plus defenders. And Lauri and Key could hold their own. All can shoot, pass and defend. You can laugh, but I think you can have something there until you hit a home run and draft a superstar.

At the very least this team would lose badly this year but would bounce back the following year as their skills and acclimation develop.
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