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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

I kinda liked Flip last year.....but he was so poor at the basket and from 3. He's improved a bit in both areas.....but still not the greatest. I'd be OK with taking a chance on him. Defensively he's probably over hated because he has short arms + white....but he was pretty effective.
Flip projects to develop into the ideal 3rd big off the bench. Can play either position and space the floor to accommodate different lineups. Really interested to see him in a more dynamic NBA offense where he can use his playmaking. Was a super fan last year, but this year I havent really been into him because I dont see us picking his range, but if we move up to get him I'd be happy.
Trading up for Flip is foolish. I remain unconvinced he’s physically an NBA player, which is a fine chance without trading up. He has no buzz and I think he’s there at #29 but I’m totally fine if he’s not.
For me... the guys I would consider moving 29/32 for to move up are Collier/Edey/McCain/Walter or Topic/Dilly if things get really wild. I think Collier may be the only guy left of that group. I wonder if 29 and future seconds is enough to move up to 22 though or maybe you piece off 32 with Portland and send 29/40 for 22 and keep a second in your pocket. 32 could be really valuable and I wonder if having a whole night and morning to shop it yields something of plus value.
One thing I would consider... packaging 29 or 32 with the lesser of our 2025 picks from Minny or Cleveland to move into the teens. That way it kind of takes some of the upside out of the pick rather than lotto protecting it. I think Miami/LA/Philly would all be really interested in kicking the asset forward if they can't line up a trade... that way they don't drive a prospect off the lot that may not have as much value later. What are the chances that one of Cleveland or Minny have a top 10 record... likely pretty good.

I think one of Topic/Holland/Rob/Edey will be there.
Phoenix stealing ideas from our jazzfanz mock drafts, lol.

I've represented Phoenix twice now and there are 3 trades that make sense for them, Utah, MIN, and NYK. I think the Utah trade would be the best for them, so if we like someone at 22, I'm guessing we can make that happen.
Your trade idea intrigued me, but I figured in this draft I might get at 29 the same guy who I traded up for at 22. And the 32nd pick could be used for…other things. But if the Jazz truly do not want 3 rookies, and do not otherwise envision trading 32, then I would consider moving up depending on who is available.
I would love to use one of those later picks for a prospect worthy of and able to stash but it doesn’t look like that’s a thing, so yeah… prrrobably trading up to 22 with both makes sense.

I would love to get another lotto pick with Walker or whatever, though.
I think we end up taking some older prospects later (or maybe at 10) and keeping the picks as a plan B if there are no good trades available.