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Inflatable Kayaks


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Fishing hook goes into inflatable kayak. Kayak sinks into bottom of river.

So many people fish on/in inflatables. They arent made of the same material as balloons or something silly. I have an inflatable boat. Its VERY hard to pop with a fishing hook. They are made to withstand sharp rocks and sticks and fishing hooks as the manufacturers know their products are going to be used in lakes and rivers rather than backyard swimming pools.

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A high quality kayak that will last (and have good resale value) are an investment. AIRE and Sea Eagle are the baseline. The NRS family of brands makes sweet boats that will take on rivers.

Here is an example of a good baseline package:

I'm a fan of AIRE for their inflatables, but have migrated to hard shells myself.

Make sure to have a good PFD too.