Is anybody else missing baseball besides me?


Free at last!!!
Baseball is now officially over in my house for the year. My oldest son had his last two games today. Winter training will start up the first of the year (unless COVID prevents it at that time), followed by an early spring tournament (usually mid March), and regular season usually begins first part of April.
On to football.

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Here is the correct answer: no one misses baseball, no one. Except baseball players who can miss the ball more than 70% of the time and still be considered "great".


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I bet him at 30:1 to win MVP. My one buddy was like he’ll never win it. Torres, Judge, blah blah blah. My thought was, if healthy, Stanton is elite. He’s won one mvp before iirc. Or had that monster season with the Marlins anyway. And the Yanks will always have guys on base for him. And Judge was 12:1 and there’s not as much fun in that. I forget Torres. Maybe like 16:1.

Great start.
Bummer - with a hammy injury, there’s likely no way he’ll win MVP this year.
Judge is still very much in the running, though, as is LaMehieu.

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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My Yankees are tanking :( but yes, the Braves look good. So do the Rays in the East.
Good lord, 29 runs by my braves. I’m getting nervous though. Braves just lost Max Fried, one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. They easily now have the worst starting rotation in baseball. That offense should carry them into post season play, but they aren’t contenders with this rag tag group they have going.