Is anybody else missing baseball besides me?

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Braves damn near gave me a heart attack!!! Two games away from the show, I can almost taste it. Braves got hot at the right time, a perfect 7-0 in post season play bitches!!!


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So how’s everybody feeling about your team’s offseason moves?

My Yanks are... well... interesting.
Ottovino traded in the AL East (and to Boston no less) was surprising.
Sad to see Masahiro Tanaka go.
Ecstatic that DJ LaMehieu is returning.
Excited to see if either Kluber or Taillon pans out with the upside... if even one of them does, our rotation should be fine.
O’Day will be a decent replacement for Ottovino.

All in all, in trying to keep under the Luxury Tax threshhold, I think Cashman has done about as much as he can do with what he has to work with.

Now sign Brett Gardner to something so he’s in the locker room!


Free at last!!!
Held our first practice for the 9 year old last night. The 13 year old has been practicing indoors since the first of the year, sneaking outside as weather allows. The 6 year old starts practicing next week. Baseball season is upon us.

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