Last good song you listened to?


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So I heard this song recently, then realized it came out in ‘95. Sounds vaguely familiar and I think it may have gotten some playtime on Q99. I wish I could get a playlist of mid-90s Q99 and hear all the songs I’ve forgotten about that haven’t persisted into the 2000s.

ETA the singer looks like Dave Portnoy.


I did forum search on this band’s name and they didn’t come up. If this nearly decade-old track with 141 million views is new to you then you’re welcome. You only get one ‘first time’ and even if the rest of your day is as routine as routine gets, you’ll remember this.

It is also fun to search YouTube for ‘BABYMETAL reaction’ to find posted reaction videos from people watching the above video for the first time as they try to figure out what is it they’re watching.

BABYMETAL did the above song on Colbert a couple years ago but it is best to find videos of theirs of live performances in Japan where they pack stadiums full of fans who are so tuned in that they’re practically part of the band.
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