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Quotes from Nuggets' forums-"Weren't we down by 3 going into the 4th? What the hell happened?"


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Pre Game

Jazz 5 point favorites

f**k covid, f**k this season, GO NUGGETS

Bogdanovic is such a threat, he can score from 3s from anywhere, he's even good at jumpshots, he can do layups, he has good FT % and he's pretty decent defensively as well. He's had a few bad streaks, but never against the Nuggets.

Utah is really deep so our backups will need to be good.

Glad the Jazz are back to full strength so there isn't an excuse when they take the L tonight.

1st Half

please win please win please win please win

We need barton to airball some more 3s if we want to win

Utah’s jerseys are gross

We can’t beat Utah when they shoot like that.

No D in enver

The Jazz absolutely obliterate our defense every single time. We just have no way to defend them. Such a good team.

Let's try the bench against their starters and see how that works

Clarkson is on alien mode, we need to start contesting their 3pt shot, they're just too good at that.

They are not going to outshoot Utah, not tonight. So just have to play some D.

They've been attacking Barton's defense and they've been successful.

Zeke driving on Gobert when Jokic has a mismatch lmao.

That dunk by Rudy was pretty dope tbh

jazz d vs lakers d is laughable

It's funny but could you imagine how much better the Lakers would be if they just had Clarkson

I dislike Jordan Clarkson. Absolute shotchucker with zero aptitude of anything else.

Oh my god do I hate getting clicked up by clarkson chucking garbage

Of course Clarkson is going to make that last shot :( damn

Play some defense Jesus Christ

This might be bad timing considering he’s killing us right now, but Jordan Clarkson might be the most overrated player in the league

Clarkson is shooting 32% on 3s with 8.2 attempts per game but you'd never believe it the way he shoots vs the nuggets

I hate every ****ing player on the Jazz.

Yeah Malone's usual 32 minutes for Jokic won't cut it tonight. 40 or we stand 0 chance

It’s so annoying how Bogdanovic goes off against us man

Mitchell takes every freethrow as if the fate of the universe is on the line and its starting to piss me off

If Bogdanovic only played the nuggets, hed be 1st team all nba, dude doesn't miss against us

Utah is hitting some crappy shots and we're turning it over every time down.

God I hate Clarkson

The J I despise the Jazz, of course, but they play a nice style of basketball.

Utah’s playing really good tonight.

utah is just crazy hard to defend

Going small on Gobert was suicide and Facu isn't doing anything tonight. They will have to ride the starters if they want to win tonight

We could ask Snyder nicely to match minutes?

Some match up isuess with Gordon guarding Mitchell

Barton's shots have looked ridiculously bad, and his defense is just very credibly Barton-bad...

azz will always have 2 starters on the floor. That's the way Snyder uses his rotation.

Barton just embarrassing himself now. Pathetic.

As one sided officiating wise of a half as you'll ever see. Just absolutely sickening.

The Nuggets bench has got to come out on top in the second half. Can't let Clarkson outscore them by himself. Come on Nuggs teach these guys a lesson and send them home with an L.

Gotta give Utah credit. They lost three in a row and are taking it out on us right now. Still time to turn it around.

Nuggets need more than a couple guys to show up though against a team as good as the Jazz.

Looking at you Monte and Barton. The guard play on this team is awful.

Utah simply are a the better team.

The Jazz are incredible with Gobert. You take him off that team and they have no chance against decent teams. One of the best defensive players of all time.

Not only that. His screens kill us.

I am tired of those wide open 3's missed one after another

That Gobert one-handed long-range shot was SICK, fortunately it came one second late.

Find me a game where MPJ let a player just score and score and score on him one on one like Barton has this game lol

The two Facu PnR bounce passes hitting Jeff and AG in the ankles were not helpful.

2nd Half

Jokic will need to play the entire second half I fear

Jokic playing alone... Once again

Air Barton

Barton is probably the most inconsistent and worst defensive player I’ve ever seen

Blew it already. Nobody on this team commits to playing defense and against a great scoring team like Utah there is no way you can beat them with only ofence.

Somebody please kidnap Clarkson before he enters the court

Mitchell is a smaller Dwayne Wade with less defense and better shooting.

The Jazz just gave us 5 gifts by missing wide open 3 after wide open 3. Gobert is so valuable. We can't get around him at all.

Conley and gobert against our bench is just unfair

Not going to lie, Gobert is really intimidating.

Quinn is going to play Gobert against our bench when Jokic rests. If Malone doesn't adjust, we're toast.

Why is barton taking every single buzzer beater play? He wouldnt beat buzzer if he had sledgehammer for **** sake

**** this boring *** 3pt shooting ******** basketball. I hate watching this team. Can't wait for every middle-aged man on the Jazz to retire.

We just don't have an answer for Bogie. Dude is so good.

really tired of Bojan looking like Dirk against us. no adjustment, no game plan.

Why the f**k does selfish Barton never pass the ball in closing seconds and then misses his shot every f***ing single time!?!

Lmao Conley and Gobert absolutely murdering Facu there. Looked like a chicken with his head cut off.

Malone just doesn't get it. It's never going to connect with him either. You're at such an incredible disadvantage when you're forced to play 4 on 5 on both ends.

Davon Reed man.

-21 in less than 10 minutes playing time.

I'm telling you, if you just switched coaches with these 2 team the Nuggets would have a Championship within the next 2 years.

Guess we're waiting till we're down 20 to get Jokic in.

Kind of a reality check tonight. Utah is one of the 2 or 3 deepest teams in the league and they're healthy—they aren't running a bunch of end-of the bench guys out there. Clarkson is a starter on 3/4 of the teams in the league. We can hang with them when we're playing our starters but they have too much quality on the bench

Not a good night to be a guard that is a midget.

we were up 81-80- now its 95-113 lol

29-8 on free throw attempts. We need to get more than 8. Reffing was bad tonight, but why don’t we get to the line more, a George Karl staple.

Gobert is a +24 jeez

Okay, we won 3rd quarter. I’m a believer.

I wonder how they will score on the 1st 4 mins of 4th quarter

Rudy's been pounding the bench, they staggered so as to have Gay split minutes with Rudy in Jokic minutes. Smart strategy, since bench couldn't do **** with Gobert on the floor.

This Nuggets team has the ability to catch fire. We just need some of that mojo at the right time... issue is that Jazz have closed games against us as well as anyone else in the league... but let's win.

Please don't go down 20 in 3 minutes without jok Edit: LOL

Gobert acting like he’s been blasted in the face by a shotgun every time Jok fouls him.

Every jazz game has gone about the same. Hang in for three quarters then get our clocks cleaned in the 4th

Gobert is a ****ing menace Jesus...

Gobert was left with Utah´s 2nd unit and is singlehandedly destroying Nuggets defense with no real centers to contest boards and paint presence.

This Jazz bench unit is actually insanely good for a bench unit. Would be a decent starting unit.

Has royce O’Neal been on the jazz for 12 years or is it just me

Ok this second unit cant play against Jazz starters..Gobert is feasting without Jokic there.. Barton keeps chucking . Put Jokic back in Malone before its too late

Rudy is more important than Mitchell. If he's out everything change for them. Defense. Offensive rebounds. 2nd chance pts all of that

It sucks having no counter for Mitchell at guard right now

I just checked the stats. It says Utah is 8/20 from 3. That has to be ********. They have to be at least 18/20z

Why does this French clown get a better whistle than the MVP?

Gobby's legal screens are dwarfed by his moving screens

jokic sits for 2 minutes and it goes from tied to probably game over

Our 25% from three to their 39% is most of the story, but allowing easy penetration that led to dunks and open threes is the underlying issue. A team like Utah that has shooters at every position except center is going to exploit that all night long.

Utah stagger their starters. Our bench stand no chance against them. The only reason MPJ and Murray change that cause now they'll have to be there against our starters. Our bench is still *** with them back

Yeah, Gobert killed us tonight when Jokic was off the floor. Stat-padding with ease...

Post Game

I just smashed my TV in front of 30 guests at my party because of the game. My wife just took our crying kids and said they’re all spending the week at a hotel. This team has ruined my life and my party. I can’t handle this anymore. Goodbye Nuggets

Did you watch watch what happens when Jokic hits the bench?

Rudy is a great player and is the engine behind the Jazz’s defense

Nugs are a G-league team when Jokic sits

I am here for the Rudy is also amazing discussion. It's like Embiid, every time everyone wants to talk who is better rather than actually analyze or contribute anything.

My contribution: Rudy's hands and decision making limited the Jazz in the matchup against the Nuggets two playoffs ago. He has clearly improved and that has made him much more valuable, you are not wrong.

This isn't rocket science...Utah is simply a better team right now. Aside from Denver having the best player on the court via Jokic, it is hard to argue against the Jazz not having the 2nd (DM), 3rd(RG), 4th(BB), and 5th(JC) best players before you get to Gordon as the 6th. Combine that with the Jazz having a much better bench...and the Nuggets minus Jamal/MPJ are just not in the same stratosphere as the Jazz or any of those other top 4 Western Conference teams at this point.

Utah bench 29-14 over Denver's bench. That is the game. So disappointing after seeing some progress there the last couple of contests. I hate the Jazz. This sucks.

It was a scheduled loss. But it was an extremely annoying scheduled loss.

Missing 2 max contracts is a bitch.

Even if you think those dudes don’t deserve e the max, it hamstrings the team so bad.

Nuggets bench:

-23, -24, -24, -26.

The one positive is the bench is so incredibly bad that Tim is basically forced to make some trades at the deadline.

Every time the Nuggets make me think they're gonna do more than tread water with the 3.5 healthy players they have left, they go and do something like drop 14 points in the 4th quarter and it frustrates the hell out of me

The only reason rudy doesn’t get “destroyed” by jokic is because they dont share the floor long enough for it to qualify as “destroy”. End of story

Nuggets played 2 G league level teams in Portland and Lakers and the bench looked good. But, any decent team owns this bench unit.

+5 In a 23 point loss, surrounded by trash. Can't go out for 2 minutes without the bench blowing a 10 point lead.

Its astounding to me how the bench unit just continuously hemorrhages points. They gave up an 11-0 run in 2 minutes at the start of the 4th and by the time Jokic does get it, the Jazz smell the blood in the water and start blasting.

I just don't understand how Jokic can be +5 in the same game that Gobert was +36 for the other team. You'd think it'd be a good idea for both teams to not let either be on the bench when the other isn't.

The Jazz probably use Gobert against the non-Jokic lineups because then the entire paint is a no-go zone

Gobert has one of the more weird rotations while Jokic plays a standard rotation.

It helps though cuz he absolutely **** on the nuggets bench

gobert dominated vs zeke nnaji and facu campazzo, what a legend

the greatest advantage Utah has over denver is quinn snyder, what would i give to have his coke addict looking *** on our bench instead of dr. redhead

I used to disrespect him and meme his screen assists but dude is the best player on a perennial high seeded playoff team. They’re *** without him

He's legitimately one of the best defensive players ever, maybe the single best rim protector ever. He'll never win a 1 on 1 game against what we consider to be the best players, but he is one of the best players in a team game.

Anyone who watches Utah and looks at his advanced numbers know just how valuable he is, especially given Utah's perimeter defenders but there's still this dumb stereotype that he just catches lobs and sets screens so how good can he be

I genuinely don't understand why he gets so much hate compared to any of his peers, the dude is a monster but people just don't understand that you can have a large impact without putting up buckets every night

One thing that I absolutely loathe about Michael Malone are the tantrums he has with other Nuggets players when we are losing bad. He decides to keep the MVP in to “prove a point” on a back to back when we are down almost 20 points with 4 min left.

petition to stop Barton 100% contested layups after more than 2 misses

Poor Jokic, 24 points from the bench. Lmao.

No need to overreact to that loss. We were on the back to back against a well rested, full strength Utah team. Some poor shooting tonight but we've got a lot of streaky shooters so gotta take the good with the bad

Coach very bad , dont Know arm the team

Beaten Lakers injured team and think they are it. Sorry nuggets. Take a BIG L for now clowns

Weren't we down by 3 going into the 4th? What the hell happened?

This one ****ing stings. Of course back to back game against team on multiple days rest, but still. The refereeing was beyond atrocious in the first half, put us in a 13 point hole at the half. Always tough having to play from behind like that when the referees are favoring one team so hard. Nevertheless we managed to come back, but bench buried is in the 4th. The whole difference this game was that Utah made their open 3s while we just bricked them all. But anyways 2-1 in our last 3 is what I expected and 4-2 in our last 6 so it's all fine.

Snyder made it an easy W with that Gobert rotation. My god did he destroy Denver's bench. Total ****ing carnage. Nuggets have zero answers for that move.

Wow watching that third quarter had me so hyped. Just to see if all dwindle away as soon as jokic sits

If as a team, 3s are already not going down...STOP SHOOTING EM atleast on a 4v2 fast break. TAKE THE EASY LAYUP!

I'm still riding the high of beating the Lakers by the most points in franchise history. So I won't be too harsh. But It's a strange feeling having the best player in the NBA while also having the worst Bench in the NBA.

This is literally the rotation pattern of Gobert and Jokic, every single game. Gobert ALWAYS bridges the quarters. Always. Every game. Not a single coach in the NBA changes their substitution patterns for just one game in an 82 game season. It is not a thing.

I feel like coaches are starting to figure out that playing their stats when Jokic is out is worth it. Teams can use extra minutes from their stats to push for a lead during that time. Jokic then has to come in and try to get the lead widdled down. Part of this is the second unit being weaker and you can’t over play Jokic. Jazz did this with Golbert tonight. There is no way that Green, Barton or Gordon can be out there and stop him on either end of the court. This is where you really miss Murray

So embarrassing that they won by 20 points


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How is this shocking? They have one of the worst benches in the NBA. Now Hyland? Hes good - that guy has 6MOTY potential. Hes just a rookie right now - but everyone else on that bench? Good lord what a mess.


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I just smashed my TV in front of 30 guests at my party because of the game. My wife just took our crying kids and said they’re all spending the week at a hotel. This team has ruined my life and my party. I can’t handle this anymore. Goodbye Nuggets
I'm legit worried about this guy.


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He gets it:

"Rudy is more important than Mitchell. If he's out everything change for them. Defense. Offensive rebounds. 2nd chance pts all of that"


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So have the previous 4 games solidified Rudy’s 4th DPOY and pushed him above Draymond in the national discussion?
It should, but no. The Warriors are the NBA darlings, and frankly they are killing it so far. It would take a full-on melt-down from the Warriors for either Steph to lose out on MVP or Green to lose out on DPOY. They want to feed the popular story-line of the Great Warriors rising from the dead to claim their rightful place on the throne. As long as they are winning, and especially as long as they are viewed as the de facto favorites, these awards are locked up. Would not be surprised to see Kerr win COTY as well depending on how they end their season. And who knows, maybe he actually deserves it. They have gotten a huge amount of production from a few guys deemed not reaching their potential, like Wiggins. He seemed to be an inefficient chucker and bounced around because no one could reach him, but Kerr and Steph seem to have him dialed in in a way I never expected, and I imagine a lot others didn't either. Maybe the Warriors deserve the accolades, but I will still argue that Gobert is the best single defender the league has seen in more than a decade.