Quotes from the Thunders' forums -- From Jazzavenues, don't bother. Most pitiful quotes ever.


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Pre Game

Holy cow, how long is it been since I’ve been on Twitter?? Who are these guys?!

That’s a point guard, a center, and three power forwards. Nice!


Line Utah -15.5

1st Half

Worse franchise in nba. Can't manage players. Williams should walk

Jingle me daddy

I dont want this to end in a blowout, just give me a normal L

2nd Half

The longer this season has gone on, the less people that are active on the game thread. If you're here rn then you're a real one

Post Game

Lottery night is going to be pure anxiety

Clippers resting everyone tonight vs Rockets hopefully they don't do the same against us in the final game

Hope we're a bit more competitive next year. Another season of 20 point blowouts would be rough

LMAO Jazz feed just called OKC Sacramento. Damn. That's when you know the tank is on