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Should the Jazz trade for Kevin Love?

Discussion in 'Jazz Newz' started by Taylor Griffin, Jun 14, 2018.

By Taylor Griffin on Jun 14, 2018 at 8:42 AM
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    The correct answer is yes.


    It’s June 14th. We still have a week to go before the NBA draft, 11 days until the NBA Awards show, and 16 days until free agency kicks off. So, we will talk about the only thing worth talking about this time of the year: PURE SPECULATION.

    With the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers hanging on the shoulders of LeBron James this offseason, the future of Kevin Love is also in doubt. If LeBron bounces from Cleveland, it’s pretty safe to assume that the Cavs will proceed into rebuild mode and attempt to clear house, save money, and stock up on draft picks. If they do this, they are most likely to shop Kevin Love. If Kevin Love is being shopped, there’s one team that fate and destiny might conspire to bring him to. A team that needs another shooter and scorer. A team that needs an All-Star talent to get them to the next level. A team that needs some veteran playoff/finals experience. A team that needs a low-profile star to fit in their low-profile organization and franchise. A team that needs Kevin Love. Who is this team you might ask? It’s the Utah Jazz.

    Bleacher Report published an article written by Dan Favale that highlighted some potential trade packages and destinations for Kevin Love. The Jazz were one of the teams included in this article, and they also agree that Kevin Love would provide immense value to the Jazz at a pretty reasonable cost.

    Full Story from SLC Dunk...


Discussion in 'Jazz Newz' started by Taylor Griffin, Jun 14, 2018.

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