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The Real Reason The Jazz are Losing


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You cant deny the pattern...

I guarantee if you stop posting the Jazz will win the next game.
I actually just happen to have a slow window right now in my busy life so I dropped by.... I've been here a long time wins and losses.

I could disable my account and never come back, and this current team isn't going to do jack **** to take us anywhere special mainly because the Conley deal was awful. But I'm sure you will blame something or somebody else when the time comes. You don't have integrity which is clear.

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Saint Cy of JFC

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If you have some specific argument you want to make, say it. Back it up with logic and reasoning. Targeting other posters personally is the lowest of the low.
You are a troll on this board.

This thread is mostly a joke. Nothing about it is personal. *But Lopo's posting does significantly rise when the Jazz lose, or when the trade deadline is approaching*
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