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Have there been any new details come out about his death?
I read that he accidentally shot himself.
I own a couple of guns for protection. Yet I often consider getting rid of them.
Your guns are more likely to kill yourself or your loved ones than they are to kill an intruder or something.

My wife often wants to take a gun with us on camping trips "just in case" and I often object and it leads to an argument. I believe that just having that gun in our trailer increases the chances of me, my wife, or my daughter getting shot.
I prefer to just have bear mace ready.

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Lord Bullingdon

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What a horrible story... Ruined my damn day thats for sure.. .prolly week.. Kid probably worked his *** off to get as good as he was...


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Apparently he accidentaly shot himself in the hip.....Just gutted on this one. 19 years old and has everything going for him. Believe we only got to see a glimpse of what he was capable of. Truly tragic