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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

Nah, he doesnt really need to. He's already shown the potential to develop a 3. It doesnt really matter if he has one right now. Sure, if he did, he would be more of a "lock" to go #1, but there are several bad teams who would probably take someone with his skillset/size top 3 without having a guaranteed shot.
Wiz and Bulls are the main teams I could see taking him top 4. Not sure if Winger in Wizland shares the same allergies to bigs that Presti does. They have a lot of toolsy forwards so I could see them taking him.

I could see either case for Sarr I guess. If he could shoot then I'd lock him in top 3. If no one really emerges then I could also see someone taking him top 3... but bigs that don't shoot have slid on draft night before.
Oh I think he's gotta show some promise there if he wants to be top 3. The percentages don't have to be great but he's got to show some ability to develop that part of his game. If he doesn't have that is he like Nic Claxton?

Dereck Lively maybe. Would Lively be a top 3 pick in this draft? I doubt it. Lively landed in the perfect situation in Dallas though.
I wouldn't be surprised if teams drafting high in this draft will offer to trade back if they think they already have a PGOTF. Teams like Detroit, Portland and Memphis might not be excited about drafting Collier or Castle, imo. Maybe Topic is seen as being different, but I could see a couple of these teams being willing to trade back a few spots, depending on where they land in the lottery. Talent in the top 8 or so actually looks pretty flat outside the top guards, imo.
Dereck Lively maybe. Would Lively be a top 3 pick in this draft? I doubt it. Lively landed in the perfect situation in Dallas though.
Lively wasnt as agile in the open court and he went to Duke, a place where he had eye balls on him and he underperformed because the college game didnt showcase his talent well.

There's a lot of perfect situations for Lively. Not like Dallas is some unique bubble. Rim running bigs who have elite size/athleticism are pretty easy to fit into most team dynamics.

He's shooting it fine enough to convince a team he's a project shooter. I wouldnt be shocked to see the Spurs take him.
And I know Sarr's weight says 205 when you look it up, but I would be shocked if he is currently 205. Looks closer to 220.
Bruce Thornton going under the radar.

6'2 215 thiccc PG. 40% from 3 on 5 attempts per game. High FTR. 5:1 assist to turnover ratio.
A thiccc dude named Bruce? We can draft Thiccc Bruce?!?!? I'm in.
The first thing that jumped out to me on Brice's film is that Ohio St has all the thiccc bois. I think I even left a comment about it in review lol.
Seeing a lot of PJ Hall hype come up. Looks amazing on paper. Good shooter + JJJ shot blocking ability. On film looks a little too stiff for my liking. Could maybe be a first rounder though.
What happened to social media sensation Grant Nelson? I know he transfered to alabama.
No idea where his stock is... he's not shooting it well right now. I'd take him in the second for sure... probably late first as well. He is very fun.
Anyone watching what Jaxson Robinson is doing at BYU? Not saying he should be drafted but he has a beautiful jumper. I think he is 6'7" but shooting something like 44% from 3 on 7 attempts per game.
Regarding Buzelis, there's some good news and some bad news. The good news is that he's about the same height as Tyler Smith. The bad news is that he looks like a ginger.
Just coming in to say something. Holy hell he is smooth. Didn't really come from nowhere either
Not to mention that aly Khalifa reminds me a lot of Jokic with the way he passes.

Actually I would love to see BYUs style of play more in what the jazz do. Great passing and shooting.