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This may be old news, but...

Rocky Mountain News - Greg Buckner is reportedly waiting to see if Michael Finley will come to Denver before he makes up his mind on where he will play in 2005. The Nuggets would like to acquire Finley but if they don't sign him, then Buckner will return to Denver.

"The situation with Michael Finley, we have to wait on that situation," said Buckner, a free-agent shooting guard who is negotiating to re-sign with the Nuggets. "I understand. You can't give away (the $5 million midlevel exception). You've got to have money in the bank in case (Finley) wants it. It's kind of a wait-and-see game."

Negotiations with Buckner affect what the Nuggets might be able to do with Finley. Discussing the $1,672,000 exception, which commonly is referred to as being worth $1.7 million, Buckner said, "That's what (the Nuggets) want to give (Buckner)."

Buckner's camp has been looking for a deal worth at least half the midlevel exception, which would seriously cut into the money the Nuggets could use to go after Finley. However, Buckner indicated a softening of that stance.

"I could see myself coming for the 1.7," said Buckner, who was a guest coach at the Lakewood basketball camp of teammate Carmelo Anthony. "I enjoy this situation. I enjoy the team. I definitely want to play for coach (George) Karl. I love Kiki (Vandeweghe) and (owner Stan) Kroenke. It's a good situation. I love the city. . . . (But) if somebody comes and offers me $3 million, that's a hard decision."

Is he worth $3 million a year to the Jazz? I think for that kind of money it is doable. Maybe a 2 year $6 million dollar deal? After 2 years, CJ might be ready to take over and Giri will still have one year left on his contract.


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