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Dante has been out forever because he ded

That injury looked so run of the mill.

I swear l've seen 100 guys guys turn an ankle like that and come back without missing time.

Obviously l have no inside knowledge of how bad it is; but the eye test has me scratching my head WTF is up with this kid .
I remember being lambasted on this site for saying he is fragile and injury prone. I wish I wasn't right on this one.
Soft tissue injuries can take awhile to heal. Neto has been out for awhile too. The GLeague has the right philosophy. You're injured you're cut.
The Jazz seem to be pretty cautious with all injuries... graysons ankle was a longer absence than I would have thought.

It is one of the injuries that is easy to aggravate... if he needed to I’m guessing he’d play. No need to rush him back... Ricky is back DM is healthy and Royce has played well. I wish Ingles would sit a couple games... hopefully over the AS break he gets a little juice back.