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I'm choosing to be optimistic about Miye Oni


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He has almost no game off the dribble. He's strictly a spot-up 3/D guy. That's fine, but don't be surprised if Jared Butler starts taking his minutes by mid-year.

Ron Mexico

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He still has potential. He has shown good defense at times. I don't think his shot is broken just overthinking the game. I would keep him one more year and see if he develops more.


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I don’t think he has the change of speed and direction necessary to be a good playmaker or create his own shot consistently, so his nba career depends entirely on his ability to defend at a high level (without fouling) and hit catch-n-shoot 3s at around 40%.

It’s up to Ryan if he wants to see one more year of a player with that ceiling, given all the tax implications.

I’m pretty meh on the whole situation, but I am still somewhat curious about Oni’s defense. And I don’t think he’s a ballstopper, so...


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You don't believe DL when he said he had the potential to be an elite NBA defender? That last ingredient of the kak.