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Game Thread Jan 18, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Thunder

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No more must lose games. The tank is ded.

Dunn's defense going to be put to the test tonight.

Walker needs to play huge when he gets minutes. OKC struggles to rebound and they have no size outside of Chet.

Who guards who? The matchups are kind of weird. Do you put Lauri on Chet or Jalen? Do you put Dunn on Giddey and let him roam or SGA and try to slow him down?
Jazz were down 36 points going into the 4th quarter last time they played OKC.

Lauri, Walker, and Collins did not play.
No more must lose games. The tank is ded.

So you'd think... but half the talking heads around the league are still singing the "Utah will pivot to fire sale mode after this run" song.

Part of it is because neither Ainge or Hardy will come out and say that we're gunning for the playoffs. Which is annoying as hell IMO. I mean... we're pretty much the hottest team in the league, with a top 20 guy on the roster. Thrashing a situation like this would be absolutely bizarre.
obviously a pretty big test. The enthusiasm goes off teh charts with a W.
Ya if we win this game then my confidence in this team, which is already pretty high, will skyrocket.

Barometer game

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