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Game Thread Jan 18, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Thunder

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So I think it ended up being like 22 possessions in a row without any paint points since Kessler came in.

That's pretty crazy.

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It is what it is, but the events of yesterday probably contributed just a bit to that slow start. Still shouldn't have done anything different though.
Part of me wonders if the reason Olynyk/Collins played together to start the 4th is because Hardy eventually recognized that he wanted to close with Kessler against OKC's starters instead of Collins, which required a bit of emergency shuffling.
Not sure the league loves the concealed weapon 3 point celebration for Wallace. I mean I’m all for fun but tough to fine Embiid for the crotch chop and be cool with that one.
It's looking more and more like Sexton has genuinely leveled up.
Ya he played almost perfectly. Had quite a few great reads and made perfect passes to wide open shooters (after driving and getting the defense to collapse) who missed the shot

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