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Game Thread Jan 21, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Pistons

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Quin is really strange. He tends to send guys packing or to the bench after they play really well. I know what my eyes saw, the guys efficiency rating but is Quin using some metrics us mere mortals couldn't possibly comprehend?
I believe they call it his " opinion" and it's been proven again and again no sane man will ever understand it.


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The issue with Forrest is he’s not a shooter at all. He has no potential to be an acceptable shooter… and he’s a high turnover player. So it’s nice he’s a good defender but having a perimeter player with a mix of non shooter and high turnover absolutely nukes our offense. It’s made worse by the fact we have non shooter bigs. He’s also not a disruptive defender…not a lot of deflections, steals, etc. So my issue is where is his development going… because he’s nowhere near being good enough as a shooter and I don’t believe he will ever be a good shooter. It’s something people assume guys can just get better at but many guys at his level never become good enough. Last night guys actually closed out to him… other nights teams are more prepared and ignore him. It’s just another low ceiling project… like Tony Bradley. It’s fine to have Forrest on the roster and we didn’t waste a pick on him… but to prioritize him over Hughes and Butler is silly. Trent will never be a guy that can play extended minutes unless you get a shooting 5. He’s a guy that will be scouted harder in the playoffs and ignored. He will be unplayable in some situations.

I've always though that "solving the defense" with 11-14 roster was a futile attempt anyways. Forrest's role is to play half of Conley's 2nd minute rotation and eat minutes. We're talking about 2-3 minutes at the beginning of the 2nd quarter against backups. It's an apples to oranges comparison to a Marcus Smart who would be guarding the best players for 30 minutes a night and in the most important moments. A player like Smart obviously costs a bigger investment, but that's the level at which the problem needs to be addressed. Our defensive issues don't stem from the 2-3 minutes we try to buy for Conley to rest more.