NFL Playoffs


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Bills just held on. whew. Ravens-Titans tomorrow should be fun!
That's the game I have been thinking will be the best this weekend.
Will be hard to top that bills colts game though (which I thought would be a blowout)

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Ravens really shut down Henry. Anyone watch the Saints-Bears game on Nickelodeon, that was a interesting experience ahaha, but a dull game

Browns jumped out on Steelers. Good for them, their fan base has been through too much they need something lol.


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Or an aaron donald inquiry.
The Seahawks had their best offensive season in their history this season.

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Yeah. The narrative should be about how great the Rams defense was that game.
To be fair, I missed most of the game. I only watched the first few minutes and the last half of the fourth quarter. It looked to me like the O Line was no good.