Quin Or Thibs: NBA Coach Of The Year?


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Honestly, what Thibs has done with that garbage roster is more impressive than what Quin has done here.

Not exactly garbage. The roster is young guys (youngest team in NBA) and wash-outs or failures from other teams.
And, yes, how Thibs has gotten that motley bunch to play .500 ball (which would get us in the playoffs) is very impressive.


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Uhh, facts without context are meaningless.

You do know that last night we lost to the Spurs. However, I see you don't know that the team we lost to - the Spurs - are a FIVE time Championship winning team.

Yes, we lost last night. But, yes, we lost to one of the greatest teams in all of sports history.
Context, pal. Context.

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yeah, the 1973 Knicks could beat the Spurs.

Dude, your trolling game is insipid.