Quotes from Hawks' forums-"maybe trae won’t shoot 1-74 in the next game"


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One benefit of COVID: this game won’t leave a bad taste in my mouth if we lose, because I cannot taste

I’m drunk has this game been cancelled yet

Royce O’Neil was basically what Taurean was supposed to be

Quinn Snyder is horrifying

This court looks like a heat index

Wait why is Bogi playing against us

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a rim as loud as the ones during this broadcast

Of course 70 year old Mike Conley is gonna smoke us.

Well it was nice to get back in the W column for one game. Utah is already taking to us without lube.

Utah prevailed against the Bucks without the services of glue-guy Joe Ingles, whose NBA-long 384-game streak of regular-season appearances (418 w/ playoffs included… he’s been around here that long?) ended due to a sore Achilles’. Aussie Ripken’s next streak ended at 1. After giving it a go in Detroit, the 33-year-old was deactivated for the Cleveland game on Tuesday and remains listed as out for today.

On Utah's game notes, our old friend Coach Quin is now already the Jazz's second-winningest coach all-time, passing the legendary Frank Layden with Win #278 after beating the Cavs earlier this week. Snyder's got a little ways to go before catching Jerry Sloan (1127 wins).

Jazz defense is no joke and we can't stop Don M

WTF is wrong with Trae? He looks terrible and has no idea where his game went...

Trae Young with whole 4 points through 3 quarters 1-9 FG 0-2 3ptFG

Hunter is the truth. Underrated offensive talent.

Trae missing bunnies..Damn.

Trae stinks right now. Im sorry..

How was Mitchell wide *** open

Trae getting abused defensively

Mitchell is killing us

Well it was nice to get back in the W column for one game. Utah is already taking to us without lube.

Why does every team hit %100 3’s on us....

Our "give up an open 3 every time" defense will pay off eventually

eventually they will go into a 0-27 run like the rockets, we just have to keep giving up shots!

one of the best shooting teams in the league, its going to be hell if we cannot defend harder

I really like their court logo.

Mama mia

Gobert go back to France or else I'm mad

JC’s post moves are getting pretty damn elite

it feels like no one has fouled trae since brooklyn

Lol jazz announcer said shot ****

How do we lead the league in 3 pt defense

**** lol we really can’t compete with a shooting team

Gobert is just lucky Okongwu is on minutes restriction, **** woulda been real different fr

Idk why more teams don’t trap Trae full court. It’s very apparent when they do that and he is forced to pass it off the offense has absolutely no clue what to do lol

They're making it hard to be a fan

How in the world did we look so good the first 5 games? We're ****ing awful.

to be down 8 while Trae is cold as penguin p***y and Mitchell is on fire isn't too bad tbh. i would love to be winning though

Utah has so many 3’s and I’m not talking about the local dating scene

I ****ing hate 3 pointers now

We’re playing fine, Utah is a good team.

I love when we forget to guard the opposing team's best player.

How the **** are we still leaving mitchel open? Cam should be glued to him

So the jazz just don't miss huh

How many wide open three point shots can a team give up

The Jazz uniforms are sexy as ****

The Jazz are a nightmare matchup is what it's looking like

Gobert is baguette dicking us rn

How are we letting gobert take over the game

Trae going off for 30 in the second half chill everybody

Why do we get almost no WIDE open threes? All our shots seem contested or rushed...especially Trae' s. Think about it, Trae almost never gets open looks. I live in Canada and see almost all Raptor games ( I hate them BTW..) and it seem like FVV and Pascal get like 3-4 each a game alone, and as a team they seem to get 12-15. Our offensive system sucks and if Trae cant figure out how to get open off-ball then coach him PLEASE !!

Need to treat Donovan like they're treating Trae

Remember when we made defensive adjustments against the 76ers ..... to bad tonight the only thing adjusting is our intestines from getting ****ed by Mitchell

How many times has that corner three been wide open on a drive

Damn they’re literally shadowing Trae. O’Neale is on him like white on rice no matter where he is on the floor

Utah Jizzin on us. ****.

Royce O’Neil would look great in a Hawks jersey

The Hawks will be hearing from my legal team

Nice Gobert highlight blocking a little man like Trae. Good one guys.

Getting outplayed and outcoached

Can't believe I slept 16 hours today and woke up for this

Gobert is one big mfer

Call me racist but Bojan looks exactly like Ingles

Let’s leave the best player on the court wide open . Seems like that’s a good defensive plan

Clarkson ****ing us up

Utah has to be the most boring state other than Colorado or North Dakota

Eh, our entire offense is having three guys around the arc, pass it twice and chuck.

If Trae is shooting bricks, hes just a liability..

Trae has been bad man. Where is the energy? These mfs are young... Trae needs to drive and kick more to start the offense. Ball sticks on one side and late shot clock bad shot.

Huerter and Hunter are playing. Cam showed energy. Some from Capela and Goodwin. Everyone else mailed it in tonight.

They had a ton of rest yet look lethargic.

Utah is killing us with guard play and on the glass. Our wings are eating though. We need to feed them.

Didn't seem like Mitchell missed at all, weird seeing he was 4/7 from three.

Mitchell is one of those guys that always plays less efficiently than it seems in real time somehow.

Dude takes so many shots you just forget the ones that don't go in lol.

Why do they keep letting Mitchell shoot?

Shooters wide open man. Got to stay home on them.

It's too easy for Utah. Just drive and dish and you have a guy completely wiiiiiiiiide open.

Rondo's age finally caught up to him all at once. Looks 40 right now.

this is like the 10th time we are down 14-16 then we cut it back to like 4 then go back to 14-16

Who would have thought Cam would be the only one to hit a 3 tonight

Cam been struggling to guard Conley. He's been pretty solid on Mitchell.

Hawks dont look interested in playing basketball tbh..

Our legs were dead. Our legs are always dead.

Snyder had adjustments for every run we made. We still cant find open shooters.

No way this team should be this bad...Just damn..

Ill still say we aint winning **** with Trae as our best player. I stand by that..And yes, Id still trade him if I had a good offer...I stand by my "more flash than substance" too..At least he tried on defense tonight for the most part.

Just lazy, dumb basketball on both ends. Players don't seem interested, coach doesn't seem interested, why should us the fans be interested.

This offense is pretty much everyone iso to create your shot, and only pass when you have nothing

Has there ever been a game where only 1 player hit all the 3s

embarassing................. what a shame............ just move to seattle, sorry

1 - 21 from point guard position tonight ... impressive

im watching the jazz postgame show i d c

O Trae, O Trae, wherefore art thou Trae?

utah jazz media team is so good.................................

Well, Trae needs to get out of his own head, see a sports psychologist.

What a hell of a stat line. And Cam ended up ( -34 ) for the game . . smh.

Maybe I’m bad luck just spent 119 dollars on hawks gear at dicks because I’ve lost 100 pounds and didn’t have any gear besides a old Nike 2xl Dennis shirt that doesn’t fit anymore

The hawks are like the Falcons. Get you excited only to hurt you later

This team is a joke......

Trae is being asked to play outside his comfort zone. Pierce and Collins must go. We need Trae to be himself. These two are creating a mess out of a promising

Trae only had 4 points ?!?!? Man what’s really going on ??

How can you start off so strongly and then just fall off a cliff like this? Yeah sure, “injuries”, but it looks like we’ve forgotten how to play. And that’s on Pierce.

Dang, this always happens when we don’t play trash teams.

Awful. Trae needs Austin Powers to help him find his mojo cuz its gone. Overall team was flat and lazy tonight.

If we could bottle Capella's energy and give it to the rest of the team, at least the effort would be there! Tonight was one of those games where you basically let the other team punk you. NO effort, NO Defense, NO Win!!!

By far the worst shooting team in the league. It's actually amazing how horrible they've been for 2 years straight at that. And cut the BS, you know we're not giving JC the max so trade him and get serviceable pieces before he walks and we get nothing in the off-season.

maybe trae won’t shoot 1-74 in the next game

5-28 from three and cam was the only one that could shoot a 3, hunter gets hot and Frozone LP takes him out WTF?

And some delusional Atalanta Hawks fans tried to convince me that Trae is better than Luka

This week just keeps getting worse and worse for my sports teams

Gotta reel Trae in. He’s so great as a facilitator and then he tries to pad points and kills momentum when his shot isn’t there. Zero awareness and zero leadership! New coach ASAP!!! Fix Trae NOW

That was seriously pathetic. One of the worst games I’ve seen in a while.

Oh brother we stink!

Cmon man I thought this game would be close too

So we just get smoked like tgat in the 4th....

I’ve spend the past 2 years exhaustingly defending Trae against all the haters. Non stop hating and me having to come up with so many reasons as to why he wasn’t the problem and it was the lack of talent around him etc.

Now Trae just forgot how to play basketball or just flat out looks like he doesn’t give a **** anymore and it’s heart breaking.

I really hope he fixes whatever the issue is because for the guy who wanted to win now, he is perhaps the biggest reason for why we are playing like trash rn.

You know what sucks the most?

Even though we had a bad record last year, we played hard as hell and the games were really fun to watch win or lose.

This team, is playing with significantly less effort and has more talent and it’s miserable.

Adidas watching this and getting ready to pull Traes sneaker deal. Pain.

I blame Steve Nash

We lost

So ****ing what. You gonna cry??? Little baby

we got Portland tomorrow??? lmaoooo we will die.

Trae is ***. It's even more depressing when you out a Dallas game on and see their future first ballot hall of famer school everyone. Our trash front office actually watched these two play years ago and said "yea gimme the James harden wanna be" and they were sold on that ****. The hawks will never. Ever. Ever. Ever win **** of value with Trae running point. This dude is ****in trash.

Credit to the Jazz defense. They were awesome. Forced us to play a completely different game than we wanted to. Can definitely tell they're full strength.