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Who do you want the Jazz to draft if they stay at #10? (Poll)

Assume these players are available at #10. Who would you pick for the Jazz?

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This changes by the day between Carter, Dillingham, and Knecht. Today I will lean slightly Dilly over Carter, but would be happy with any of the three.
I went with Carter, because I really like him, but I would be on board and understand Topic, Williams, or Holland. If we draft Knecht or Dillingham I would expect there to be some follow up moves for that to make sense. In the case of Knecht, that would signal to me that we are wanting to win now, so I would expect signing and trading for other guys who help us win now. If we draft Dillingham, then I would expect us to trade some of our other defensively limited guards. The only guy I just can't see it is with Buzelis. If Buzelis hits it's because scouts are way smarter than me, which is probably true.
I want the consensus #1 pick to fall to 10 so we can pick whoever that is.
We can redo another version of this poll later this week. I'll add Walter, Edey and Salaun. It doesn't look like anyone has mentioned McCain, but maybe he'll be added as well.