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2021 Free Agency

Saint Cy of JFC

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Not a Lauri fan at all, but I dont dislike him as much as lot of what I see on my TL.

I dont really like the deal for Cleveland, but I guess they are Cleveland and you have to take the talent that is available to you. They paid a relatively small price for a guy with potential. They got some years to figure out what works in terms of how to best surround Mobley.

Saint Cy of JFC

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Markannen was getting systemically frozen in the Bulls system so another team with a versatile frontcourt rotation is going to be better for him. Allen, Mobley, Markannen can all form the frontcourt which can unlock some different looks. They got Rubio and Garland to serve them the ball too if Sexton proves again to be stubborn. I think he got the message, though.

I think they can get out of Allen's deal as soon as next year and get some assets which should be the priority anyways. I don't think this "logjam" creates long-term problems.

Also Nance had like 2 months of good basketball and may not be able to replicate that in another situation. Early Cavs run last year may have been a fluke.
It's not really a log-jam as long as they move Love. It's three main front-court players to divvy up 96 minutes. I just don't know if either Lauri or Allen actually compliment Mobley all that well.

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This likely breaks Philly and NYs heart… signals Portland is fairly confident Dame is sticking around. Solid deal all the way around… you can at least see what each team is thinking.


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It's not really a log-jam as long as they move Love. It's three main front-court players to divvy up 96 minutes. I just don't know if either Lauri or Allen actually compliment Mobley all that well.
Mobley's NBA position is probably 5 but I think there is nothing wrong with him playing the 4 for some developmental minutes. It's going to help him.

I have been looking at it from the offense only perspective tbh.

I will not be surprised if Love is bought out.

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Days spent in Utah since the season ended by Donovan: Zero.

Also your point here?…….. Donovan can’t even do the literal bare minimum. Dwyane Wade reps the Jazz harder than Donovan Mitchell these days.
Days spent in Utah during his active offseasons by John Stockton: Zero

John couldn't even do the literal bare minimum. John Crotty repped the Jazz harder than John Stockton in those days.


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So Nance basically for DJJ and a protected first from Portland... Pretty sure we can easily afford it had DL not gone for Favs last season. It costed us just as much to send his salary off to OKC.


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I really don’t get the Lauri hate around here. He’s a young, 7-footer that shot ~.600 TS% and 40% on threes. The Cavs traded a dude not on their timeline and a 2nd for him, which is kinda nothing since this looks like a rebuild move.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what their plans are with Love but it feels like a buyout is inevitable since I don’t think anyone is trading for his contract and he might be cooked.

As far as Jarret Allen goes, someone is going to have to come off the bench nominally, but they could run a 3-man big rotation that gets Mobley and the other two ~30-ish minutes per game.

I think everyone made out pretty well here.
I'm not hating on the guy, it's just that the only skill he's shown consistently is his shooting. I think he can keep developing, for sure. The way they're allocating their resources, including overpaying for both Allen and Markennen, makes zero sense to me.


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I think POR is due for a nice bounce back year if they still healthy. If they could move CJ for a good two-way player that would be even better...but I like their top 6-7 guys.


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2 players I would like to sign

- Dante Exum - I know I know he is injury prone. Chances of him coming back are slim to none but he is a very good perimeter defender that can guard 1 - 3 easily.

Had a decent Olympics. Might not get as injured as a 10 to 12 spot on a roster or even deeper.

- Harry Giles - when he has gotten time he has been productive.

There is not a lot of time in our loaded front court. He has a lot of potential and is still very young.

Here is what I see as the roster

Pg - Conley, Butler, Forrest*

- I know it is very assumptive of me to put Butler as the primary. If not then there is room for say a Dante.

* two way contract

Sg - Mitchell, Clarkson, Oni

- this seems as solid as can be but again could have some room for Dante he is a lot better than Oni.

Sf - O'Neale, Ingles, Hughes

- Brantley has some potential here but Hughes is just not an NBA talent. I hope I am wrong. There is room here for Dante also.

Pf - Bogdanovic, Gay, Paschall

- probably some of the best depth on the roster. Brantley could see time here.

C - Gobert, Whiteside, Azuibuke

- this is also pretty solid with some question marks on Doke.

So there are 14 permanent contracts.

Two-way contract is Forrest so far.

There is still 1 position to fill.

I see Brantley and Teague fighting for the second 2 way.

In conclusion I see a need for Exum as a back up PG to start until Butler gets better.

Unless Oni and or Hughes are moved that is about all there is.

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I think the Jazz would like to develop Hughes into a player that's close to Reggie Bullock. I think they believe his shooting will be there for the most part, and they're trying to teach him to defend. He's mostly just a catch-and-shoot guy right now. If he doesn't make real progress this coming season, who knows if he'll stick.
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I like Lauri Markkanen as a system player who works in a defined role. He's a good pick-and-pop/roll player who may need to be hidden a bit on defense. I think he would be quite good playing next to Rudy.