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The polar plunge that hit Texas was actually forecast a week ahead.

Polar Vortex in the exact spot I was talking about as dominant this winter.

But there have been more southern track storms overall than I thought.

I consider this year, this winter especially, to be essentially uncharted territory we have not seen before, because of generally warmer oceans (+ 1 c) and less Arctic ice art the start.

In general, we have had a lot of zonal flow off the Pacific, which allows the cold to build in the Arctic and set up for the plunge.

For several days we had a very strong wave, but now we're back to zonal.

This is not the new Ice Age, yet.


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From the article:
Dealing with the enormity of the problem requires far-reaching changes to global capitalism, education and equality, the paper says. These include abolishing the idea of perpetual economic growth, properly pricing environmental externalities, stopping the use of fossil fuels, reining in corporate lobbying, and empowering women, the researchers argue.

Did they just pull up a list of things that right-wing conservatives don’t like and put it in a scientific study, or what?


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Haha, I had forgotten just how insane Babe is.

I mean, wow.
Insane in relation to what? You?

People have essentially two directions they can go, as I see things. With the herd, or somewhere else. The herd does not question their direction. Generally it follows the food. When the food runs out, herds will break up into bands, essentially increasing the probabilities of finding more food. herds and bands move faster when there is little food.

This is the fundamental reason why socialism runs out of steam pretty quick, ends up going nowhere. It is true that our globalist managers do a lot of thinking like I do, looking for reasons to move the herd one way or another, but our current herd leadership really just wants to lead us to the corral and the slaughterhouse.

Bill Gates, for example, is but one of many who believe overpopulation is our number one problem, the most serious threat to general sustainability. The unspoken corollary is that population puts pressure on cartel control. Well, I mean "cartel" as in corporate rights to resources., as opposed to people's rights. "Cattle control" sounds a lot like "Cartel Control", but so long as we have a UN run by unelected people picked essentially from corporate cronies, it will always boil down to a media and gover nment educational monopoly pushing corporate interests even while falsely proclaiming animus against the corporate world. Interests have to play that game with the ignoramuses all around on every side. The Reds of the world. The Trusts of the world.

The babes of the world can hardly get the news that is available to the herd managers. What we get is the crafted narratives. If we speak of imagined possibilities, it's alll "conspiracy theory" crap. But uninformed reason is not as bad as outright lies. Reasoned lies require some speculation as to why these lies are being fed to the herd.

Reasoned speculation is the very heart of "conspiracy theories", but when anyone dumps on it, especially mainstream media and government bureaucrats, it is essentially a confession that it's true, somehow. Dangerous departure from the narrative du jour.

But, sadly, we have moved beyond that level of derision against non-normative cognition. Gone are days when mere speculation forms the majority of deviant thinking. Now even factual material is often way off the track of our managerial-favored narratives. Our managers are now afraid of facts as well as speculations.

Our managers are so deep in their own narratives that they are making up their own facts as they go, and if you dare to question their facts, you're "insane".


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@Red and @leftyjace

Here's an easy fact:

There are lots of videos on this subject. This shows the continuity of the issue.

More recently:

BTW. what do Woolly Mammoths eat?

I confess I am confused with liberal logic, and mystified at how political activists can ignore facts while demanding vast populations must submit to their demands for human belief. Submission to the narrative is hardly even a "thing" in intellectual discussions, even now. I mean, it's just the elephant, well the woolly mammoth, in the room.

I could not expect either of you to actually digest the information I provide here with any understanding. It simply defies integration into the narrative you love.

Woolly Mammoths remains have been found in many places, including the shoreline here in Utah, of the ancient Lake Bonneville. An early anecdote of the first American expedition into the area in about 1835 was how Skull Valley got it's name. Woolly Mammoth skulls around a spring in the desert. The native Goshutes told the expolorers (Shoshone dialect spoken here) of an extreme winter event where perhaps 10ft of snow filled the area valleys, and the mammoths froze there. The Goshutes survived by eating the mammoths. That was in living memory then.

Herbivores don't find food in ice. They might, in a summer thaw, find something growing during the summer, but likely not grass.

The Russian mammoths dating to 40K years ago were there eating grass. A declining ice age then, perhaps, in that area.

The recent exploits of Russians plying the permafrost under seasonal lakes and dredging up tusks from the current limits of frozen storage a few feet down says volumes about certain claims.

Our current interglacial warm has a track record of warmer days than today.

We're still within the evidenced bounds of interglacial warm events.

The receding waters of Lake Bonneville mark quite well the last 10K years of our current interglacial warm. The Great Basin lakes probably were significant climate modifiers across the plains. More moisture from westerly winds, etc.

The examples found of frozen mammoths confirm some very rapid shifts in weather..... extended warm spells that made grasslands of Siberia while in North America there was still glacial ice. Then a sudden switch to ice in Siberia. Mammoths frozen within a few days, and left encased in ice for thousands of years.

I confess I don't even know how to talk to people who are buying into whole worldviews like todays political "science".

I don't believe either of you really can benefit from a simple question, or a clear fact, that produces such cognitive dissonance as this one fact.

We've been even warmer than we are today within the past 40k years, several times. The event melted the whole damn Ice Age in North America, long before internal combustion engines.

Proven as the only "fact" that could possibly have sustained woolley mammoths in Siberia. On the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in grasslands.
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What the polar vortex is doing is a result of increasing warmth in the polar region. And it’s obvious that the polar region is in fact warming faster than any other region on Earth. Ask the polar bears. Ask the eskimos.....

This is a disputable and disputed view of the general problem/fact.

What causes "wavey" jet stream or zonal (straight) air stream is simply not really known.

The phenomena of mixing air masses is probably affected by multiple factors.

Atmospheric energy or weather of any kind subject to many things. Mostly cyclical in some way, mostly "random" in some manner, as well. Cyclical and random are not entirely cohesive, nor entirely disparate. Logical maybe if you have enough information that bears on the subject du jour.

Upper atmospheric "winds" are thought to steer weather, but can be thought of as the result of weather as well.

The most informative phenomena of weather is "evaporation" Evaporation, or the humidity that results. Humid air is less dense. It naturally is prone to being displaced upward by denser, drier air. Sometimes surface heat causes upward displacement, where there is solid ground that can be heated by the sun to high temperatures. Not so much over oceans. Over oceans, the sun's heat causes evaporation. If for whatever cause, the temperature is increased, the rate of evaporation increases.

Clouds form at some point from water vapor. Over cooler water, this is near the surface. The fog reflects the sun, and sorta balances the system locally. Clouds at anyh height will locally reduced solar flux underneath.

Great winter storms are fed by stored energy(heat) and humidity coming into interaction with cold air mixing from the polar areas. Local cooling produces condensation, which is a powerful local vacuum-producer. The extremes of cold air available, and humaidity in the air are what causes storms to form.

But another thing happened that causes the Texas freeze. This was just a huge air mass, very cold and very dense, sliding south. The Jet Stream in this case just followed it. Near the Gulf of Mexico, and with help from a very humid air flow coming from the Pacific across Mexico, the storm happened.

This is the frequent origin of "Noreasters in New England, but usually not starting in Texas but maybe off the East Coast.

The next Ice Age will be caused by Evaporation from warmer seas than we have today. Our current = 1C over the historic past 150 years is not enough.

The next Ice Age will happen because we don't have enough CO2 to sustain our current interglacial warm. And we can't just burn stuff enough to change that.

I believe we are in a multi-cyclical low for several cycles of energy including solar and galactic and general space material (particle and vapor) flux. We are in an exceptional long interglacial warm spell. When you have multiple cycles coincidentally aligned to enhance a "low", the probability increases that a change is coming.

Our fake scientists of today, all politically salaried to produce desired talking points, are missing the most important things. Sadly, on purpose.

Ocean outgassing measurements have exceeded their theoretical models. They are being forced to increase their estimates of heat flux from the earth's core. We are in some kind of self-heating event caused by nuclear reactions deep within the earth. Fission or fusion somehow. Possible cycles of sinking and rising plumes. Whatever. We did not know enough to predict this. We still don't.

The push to demand global management powers/socialism/'fascist corporate control under elitist intellectual claims is failing.

Will fail.

A next generation will have to fix our damn mess.


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What the polar vortex is doing is a result of increasing warmth in the polar region. And it’s obvious that the polar region is in fact warming faster than any other region on Earth. Ask the polar bears. Ask the eskimos.....

This explanation, actually, is simply false.

Debatable if we don't know anything.

The temperature gradient south to north is reduced during the summer months, and the northern jet gets weaker and meanders less, and even goes away briefly.

Really, the better way to explain Texas' cold event is the "Merry-Go-Round". The spinning earth is the merry go round. The cold polar air is a heavy object that gets off the center and is propelled outward. The heaver it is..... the colder the air..... the farther it goes.

The weather people predicted it correctly based on where it started and how cold it was. It was east of the Rockies, and took the path of greatest differential to the Gulf.

A mass centered more on say the Bering Sea or Siberia would produce a Pacific storm. Snow in the hills of San Diego.
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There are lots of videos on this subject. This shows the continuity of the issue.
Yes, I know. I posted a short National Geographic video showing mammoth hunters in Siberia quite awhile ago in one of the climate change threads. I’m friendly with a guy who’s been bringing these fossils into the states. I believe you saw that video at the time I posted it. This is happening because of thawing permafrost.

Indeed, global warming has been a boon to archaeologists as well as paleontologists, and fossil collectors. Particularly with preserved organic artifacts, like wooden bows, and other otherwise perishable artifacts, appearing in melting Alpine glaciers for instance. So, both paleontology, as it pertains to Pleistocene life, and archaeology, have been able to take advantage of this situation.

And how about the huge “methane holes”?

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I could not expect either of you to actually digest the information I provide here with any understanding. It simply defies integration into the narrative you love.
Oh, give me a break. I’ve been a student of Earth history and paleontology for my entire life. I majored in geology as an undergraduate, before eventually switching to history. I’ve been a fossil collector for over 60 years. I’m well aware that there were several glaciation pulses during the Pleistocene, and that the present Holocene Era may be another interglacial warming interval. I’m aware of all that.