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Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test required to attend games

The Thriller

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Excellent two for one. Help keep the arena safe with thousands in tight spaces attending. And keep the racist Trumpers from coming. I fully support vaccine mandates. Everyone should be vaccinated to end this pandemic. No one should have to worry about getting sick from a jazz game. Well, unless we’re playing the Clippers. That last series still makes me puke.


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......If you get vaccinated, then you are protected, regardless if other people are vaccinated....
...Also, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still catch covid and spread it. ....
You are in no place to criticize some one else for logic. "You're protected but can also catch it and spread it." Pretty sure you shouldn't contradict yourself in your own comments. Lmao


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Sounds good. It doesn't effect me, since I'm a responsible adult who's not a selfish prick and have already had my shot, but cool.

The good news is that I'm a healthy adult whose immune system can eliminate the virus quickly with minimal (if any) symptoms. So even if vaccinated people like you spread the virus or the spike protein towards me, though you erroneously think you can't, my immune system can handle it.


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Vaccinated individuals also carry and transmit the virus. The vaccine ostensibly lessens symptoms in serious cases.
Getting vaccinated means that, if exposed, you're less likely to catch it, and if you do catch it, it's less likely to be serious. And not just a little less likely on either one of those, it's something on the order of 20 times less likely.


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I noticed the league turned down Andrew Wiggins religious exemption so if he does not get Vaxxed he cannot play in any games in California. Perhaps the Jazz can trade Oni for him.