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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

If I may.. Mike bibby.
High IQs, more than just a "pesky" defenders, excellent shooters both
I think Shep can be a bit better. At #1? Wouldn't be shocked. I hope not so he falls to us if we pick.
I can’t remember what type of defender Bibby was. I think the offensive comp may work.

All I know is Shep will be good and I’d take him somewhere between 4-10 and be happy.
I think... I think maybe... I think maybe I actually like a decent amount of the dudes in the 8-14 range. Shep, Furphy, Knecht, all interesting. Castle, Holland, Salaun have some intrigue. So bet your damn house we take Flip or Clingan.
Lotto night is going to be hilarious this year. 6-7 of the picks have been traded with various protections. Houston has Brooklyn's pick and OKC has Houston's pick... how they gonna differentiate that on their fancy big flash cards. Mass chaos for a team that jumps top 4 and now keeps a pick.

Gonna need to call in a draft and pick protections nerd to narrate. Bobby Marks gonna be the most relevant man on the tv program that night.
Honestly, as Jazz fans, you probably want the Spurs to try and do a legit rebuild through the draft, not trade for a star PG or sign one.

the only thing that can slow Wemby down is draft bust.
I don't think its too hard to see what he could be. I have said before he could be like TJ McConnell but with a laser for a jumper. That'd be a pretty great.

He plays really within himself a lot. Is that the Kentucky guard thing and there is more? Or is he limited? I don't really have questions on if he "works" I have questions on how well it works of course. I'd be shocked if he wasn't like a plus Tyus Jones level of point guard.
tyus and tre jones - those dudes are my comps for him. he might have a higher ceiling just due to his elite shooting and might be a more dynamic athlete, but the similarities in terms of a guy who plays a measured, mistake free style, size, defensive minded, etc.

edit: just saw the derrick white comparison. i like that too.
Generic Mock Lottery: Topic, Sarr, Risacher, Holland, Williams, Buzelis, Knecht, Sheppard, Salaun, Dillingham, George, Furphy, Smith, Filipowski/Walter
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