Donovan and Rudy selected last for all-stars


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Lavine is pretty awesome

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Yet his team is not even in the playoff hunt. What ever happened to winning being part of the decision when deciding who gets the attention or awards. The Jazz have always been disrespected in the media, and players. I watch ESPN after Jazz games and the majority of times they show more highlights of the other team than the Jazz even when the Jazz win. Most recently, They showed LaMelo highlights when his team lost by 20 pts. I just shook my head and said Nothing ever changes. People forget that Quin is the coach. I would laugh if he played Rudy over the starter at the end of a close game. I am actually a little glad this happened because it will just bring the team together and motivate DM and Rudy even more.


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Wow, how childish and senseless. Still good for us going forward? In the playoffs Utah will play like their lives depend on it.


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This playground choosing system creates an extra stupid drama. I was actually worrying that Donovan may get to be chosen much earlier than Rudy fueling some unnecessary tension. I am glad they're both in the same position, it's a huge slap on face for the whole team and should bring them even more together.
It also looks like the NBA is going in the direction of imitating the video game and not the other way around.


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the true is KD and LJ are getting old they know next two three years window is closing day by day. Future of the league are JAZZ, HEAT, BUCKS, SIXER and LAC.
Obviously this was planned disrespected slander and the best thing what we can get from grandpas - they've motived us.

by the way I've played video games Malone all the time

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Makes sense. Most of the league hates Rudy and think he's overrated. I think Utah's success makes them hate him more, because to them it's unexplainable BS. I mean, he's the super tall goofy guy who can't even score the ball himself. He's the opposite of what they have idolized growing up and it confuses them. It's why players largely suck as GMs and coaches, player analysis of another player largely boils down to "Who would win in a 1 v 1". I expect it more from KD. I think Lebron is just trolling tbh because he is way smarter than that.

Lebron is Klutch Sports, aka the agency that reps Ben Simmons, so he probably isnt super fond of Donovan either. Donovan also isn't of that star generation. He's going to be more chummy with the likes of Tatum/Brown/Morant/Young/Murray/Etc.
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