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Game Thread Feb 29, 2024 05:00PM MT: Jazz at Magic

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It's just annoying that they let all this body contact go, then the moment someone does a tiny handcheck its a foul. Then after that they decided to call a moving screen.
They need to reward guys for trying to play normal basketball instead of "drawing fouls". Its so uneven if you just try to actually score and move through contact like you would naturally.
I'm definitely impressed by Hendricks ability to move his feet and keep his body in front of perimeter guys.

He's weak as hell in the paint tho.
Luka has been decent, surprisingly. Staying ahead of his guy on defense and playing smart team basketball.
When Bolero said Fultz was in his 7th year I just thought it was another Boler-ism. But damn, he really is. Where does the time go
Atlanta tanking so we don’t get to the 10th spot in draft I think Quinn has something to do with this
Never been more conflicted than when Taylor hit that three.
You're telling me the Magic are sponsored by Disney and neither Shrek or Goofy is the team mascot.. shame.

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Dont think he's given up, he just has a way harder time without the smart vets around him making things a bit easier.
Both can be true. His thousand yard stare on the bench in the Hawks game spoke volumes.

Since truly stupid decision making down the stretch from almost everyone.