Fixing Donovan


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This is definitely the point in the season where teams are throwing different coverages at the Jazz too. Really trying to break the 3pt barrage, and Donovan shoots more off the bounce than most the others on the roster, which is usually the first domino to drop in % if your name isn't Steph or Dame.


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His poor shooting continues. What's it going to take to get him back on track?


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So Mitchell's 3 pt shooting is dropping off at a scary rate. Consider the following:

Games 1-25
6 out of 25 games Mitchell shot under 35% from 3. The rest well over 35%.

Games 26-34
6 out of 9 games Mitchell shot under 35% from 3, only one of the other games over his 38% mark on the season. In fact the last game he played, against Orlando, who are notorious for bad 3 pt coverage.

Combined with his career lowest mark at the rim, this is a bad trend. Is this just regression to the mean, with him dropping slowly but steadily back to his career (before this season) 35% mark from 3? Is he nursing an injury we do not know about? How is he going to get his 3 pt Mojo back?

Mitchell is our iso guy. His drop off at the rim this year is very concerning. Now with a drop off from the 3, this is a problem.

I am confident he will get it back before the playoffs, that this is hopefully a blip, or a "market adjustment", and he will get back on track. But there is reason to be concerned, as he is our one "super-star" player.

Didn't read other comments, but I think this is because DM is concentrating more on improving his passing and involving other guys.


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Love Mitchell, his inconsistencies are a bit scary for us. We need him to win, we lose when he doesn't show up or doesn't show up enough.


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I wonder what our record is when our starting point guard (Rubio or Conley) misses the game.
I'm guessing it's like an 85% win percentage or better.

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