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Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test required to attend games


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Or maybe, just maybe, WE DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO DIE.

This shouldn't be a political issue. Dolts like yourself who make it into one infuriate me. Just because you and yours we me and mine the worst, don't assume the reverse is true. Trump and his ilk are known for projection. Is this true for you, personally, as well?

And the fact that you think that public safety is "virtue signalling" is revolting.
Hey hey hey...whoa whoa whoa. Slow your roll there buddy. No one said they didn't want people to die. They just want the right people to die.


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You illiterate pig. The article is comparing unvaccinated with prior infection vs vaccinated with prior infection. i.e. Both groups had covid, dumbass. Sure you get additional protection regardless, but who cares about reducing a .000000001% chance to ..0000000005% other than idiots like gandalfe (and the other idiots on this board)?

They reached a similar conclusion in the Israel study which also showed that vaccinated people that never had covid were up to 13 times more likely to get covid than unvaccinated with prior infection.

This is why people are fed up with these virtue signaling liberals. They make up ****, they don't know how to read science articles, and they gobble up whatever CNN and MSNBC tells them.
Since you call me illiterate, I wonder what it means that you weren't even able to read the second sentence in that link?

These data further indicate that COVID-19 vaccines offer better protection than natural immunity alone and that vaccines, even after prior infection, help prevent reinfections.

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I wonder how many people filling our ICUs and preventing elective surgeries were people who thought their immune systems were strong enough and didn’t need to get vaccinated?

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First of all, logic is not your forte, and this will be my last response to you since I can since you are not worth any more of my time.
I want to thank for the chuckle you gave me, in dismissing my command of logic in the same sentence where you misspelled "sense".

Everyone is is very glad you won't be responding to me again, as I am highly annoying, and as long as you post this much stupidity, I will respond.

The drunk driving analogy is not even remotely the same as vaccinated vs unvaccinated. If you get vaccinated, then you are protected, regardless if other people are vaccinated.
Every analogy is flawed.

The vaccine is only 90% effective initially, and that declines over time. Many people are still vulnerable after being vaccinated. Also, many people can't be vaccinated because they are immuno-compromised. Getting vaccinated is the civic duty of every patriotic citizen of their respective country, and more generally every person who cares about the people around them in any way.

Also, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still catch covid and spread it.
Thank you again for the chuckle, for after stating how I am logic-deficient, you just contradicted yourself in consecutive paragraphs.

Moreover, unvaccinated people who already had covid are scientifically less of a "safety risk" than vaccinated people who never had covid.
You are completely wrong on the science here. Utterly, totally wrong.

More importantly, people who had covid19, recovered, and then got vaccinated are even safer than people who had covid19, recovered, and then did not get vaccinated. Vaccination always improves the risk profile to yourself and others.

If safety was really the concern, then they would require ALL people to have a test the day before to prove that they don't have covid.
I agree that would be even more safe. Half a loaf is still better than none.

And again this shouldn't happen because illness is a part of life
So, we shouldn't vaccinate against polio, and it was a mistake to remove scarlet fever from the world?

and people have options to protect against any serious complications that can arise from covid, regardless of what other people do.
If you can afford monoclonal antibodies, that is. How like you to only think of the rich.

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So you've seen the clinical evidence from Israel, where the highest rate of vaccination correlates to the highest rate of transmission and infection?
Israel is a densely-populated country. That correlates to the spread of any contagious disese.

Or you've seen the public health study in England that shows people who have had at least one vaccine shot comprise the majority of hospitalizations and casualties due to covid?
If 90+% of the population is vaccinated, then most of the sick will have been vaccinated.

Or you've seen the antibody studies from California that showed 1/3 of the population already had antibodies (evidence of exposure to covid) as early as May of 2020? Those natural antibodies are more effective than vaccine-induced immunity.
This is just stupid. If they are antibodies to the spike protein, they are the same antibodies regardless of from the vaccine or from exposure. If they are fixated on a different part of the virus, they are less effective, because the virus has an easier time mutating in other parts of its DNA.

As for me, I've had zero health incidents of any kind in the past 20 years.
Yes, the infamous "swamp" theory of disease. Sorry, but Pasteur was right, Bechamp was wrong.


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This is the real reason why many liberals or people who vote Democrat want vaccination laws. They think that most unvaccinated people are Republicans/conservatives (which is probably true in most regions) and thus want to do anything they can to punish them and strip them of their freedoms. But they will usually argue for this under the guise of safety or some other form of virtue signaling and not outwardly admit it like was done here.

Dude I dont vote in a country where voting is compulsory and I want vaccination laws. Why? Cause I own a business that has been shut for 18 months and I work in a hospital with covid patients everyday.

Un **** yourself and get vaccinated.