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Lindsey would show some good sense by shutting the **** up about how he ****ed up. Maybe the guy just lacks good sense.


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If Lindsey will "take the blame" that really only means one thing; can his ***.

He has this offseason to figure it out. I appreciate the Gobert and Mitchell moves, but he had better have another one coming because my goodwill towards him is spent.

I agree that this offseason is his final shot. If he never gets the shot or, as this indicates, gets the shot and fails to pull the trigger you have to replace him.


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This is nonsense. It’s like someone saying “I hung out with a celebrity, but I won’t say who,” knowing that you’ll assume that they must have been doing blow with George Clooney and Brad Pitt for a weekend in Cabo, when in reality they just saw Emilio Estevez at a pay phone.
It’s also PGAB speak.