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Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test required to attend games


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Going in for surgery two weeks from now and I’ve been told I’ll know if it will be delayed within a few days before my date. The U has been backed up on surgeries all year so I’ve waited 5 months to now be told it could be delayed even further. It’s all very frustrating.

I appreciate Ryan for doing the right thing here. With there being 41 games and roughly 18k fans at the game it’s safe to say this will probably save some lives and prevent more idiots from taking up icu beds.

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If you sincerely don't want people to die, then at minimum you would want ALL people to get negative covid tests before attending a game.
I would support this position. I don't make these decisions for the Jazz.

Now go bother other people with your fake ***, moral high ground attitude as you continue to attempt to divide people and discriminate against the group you don't see eye to eye with.
You are a funny guy.

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Sure you get additional protection regardless, but who cares about reducing a .000000001% chance to ..0000000005% other than idiots like gandalfe (and the other idiots on this board)?
Patriotic Americans (or people in other countries with respect to their country) care.

This is why people are fed up with these virtue signaling liberals. They make up ****, they don't know how to read science articles, and they gobble up whatever CNN and MSNBC tells them.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Go ahead, bring in an actual scientific article and your interpretation of it. Let's see your immense scientific literacy on display.


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If you don't like vaccine just don't go to games. Watch it from home. Simple. No one is gonna bust into your house and force the shot upon you


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Don't confuse frustration with hate.
Exactly. We all are dealing with the pandemic, it is literally affecting everyone. I just want people to take reasonable steps to let us get back to all of the freedoms we all want to enjoy. And when science CLEARLY and definitively show vaccination in any combo (before infection, after infection, or for those never infected) is more protective than without, making it spread at a lower rate and saving lives.

I really think critical thinking courses and constitutional law should be a required portion of middle/high school education.

I have no hate for antivaxxers, just frustration, pity and sadness.


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The way I see it, I’m fully vaccinated so I have nothing at all to be scared of or judge others of. If the guy next to me on trax right now is unvaccinated, I really don’t care as if he gets really sick or dies he made his bed.