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Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

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How far do we get down before we throw in the towel, rest Don and regroup for game five at home? Getting embarrassed may start a fire under these guys. Let anyone who will play hard have a go.


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I was wondering why I hadn't heard from Dennis Lindsay in awhile, he is hiding in shame for not getting players with athleticism and size on this roster. Other guys who can get their own shot.


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i think mitchell needs to just get off the court. i dont wana see him limping ariund every ****ing play just dont ****ing plat if ure gona be limping.

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I'm sooooo over Niang. All you clowns thinking the mInIvAn would perform well in the playoffs lmaoooo. Dude is ****ing TRASH.

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Do I want to watch this clips love fest? Do I think I should do something better with my time? Why can’t I just quit?


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**** this noise. Jazz are done. The Knights are crushing Montreal. Switching to hockey. Not looking to ruin my whole night here.

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remember when ben anderson claimed this was the most resilient Jazz team ever? And that Spida was better than the statues? LOL

Sorry, but the two finals teams were better. Hell, some of those Dwill teams would've done better. Dwill and Boozer would be picking and rolling these fools, Money Memo would be bombing away, and Harp would’ve already made PG13 cry.