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Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

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For consistency sake, Rudy is great. Consistency helps for the course of a long season.

But he's not the better player. Just look - the Clippers are a 4 seed because they lacked consistency. But they are built for playoff basketball.

Rudy isn't.

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Our avatars say it all. I hope to have fun debates with you in the offseason.

Max Porter

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We are getting killed in this game for one reason guys. No Mike Conley. I keep seeing how bad everyone is tonight outside of Don. Yes they are bad but that's because we are designed for Mike to get those guys going. Everyone plays better with him on the court. I know Mike Conley isn't stockton but he is legitimately almost as important to this ball club as stockton was to his. It's easy to say a team is terrible without their 2nd best player. If you took PG off of LA they wouldn't look great either.

It's fine to be frustrated but don't say it's anything other than due to injury.


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Why did Joe only play 11 minutes in that half? He was our second best player after Mitchell. Bogey and O'Neal were awful and they both played over 20 minutes. Clarkson was just 2/9 and played 17 minutes.


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We can still win this game if Rudy Gobert doesn't play like a bum and if we learn how to take advantage of the Mitchell double team. The problem is those two things are unlikely to both happen.


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Jazz come down and make 3 3pts and the Clips match them. This game is over unless Clips have a historical meltdown which would be shocking considering how well they are playing. Jazz organization never learned from last year playoff's loss. In the playoffs you have to have multiple guys who can get their own shot. Jazz have DM and JC but JC is so inconsistent and has struggled the second half of the season. Bogie was a guy last you who could do it but since his injury he is not the same player. All the other guys are system guys. Ingles has disappeared and Royce is not a starter on a winning championship team. Jazz may still win the series if they hold homecourt but I don't see winning it all until they address the lack of athleticism and scoring ability on the roster.